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Natural Breast Enhancement

If you were thinking about improving the look and size of your chest you might want to consider a non-surgical option.  For centuries women have been improving the look of their chest naturally through the use of herbal remedies.

The following is a concise what’s what for anyone thinking about taking the natural herbal breast enhancement method.

Herbal breast enhancement pills contain seven natural ingredients:

  • Fenugreek
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Mexican Wild Yam
  • Fennel
  • Dong Quai
  • Damiana
  • Blessed Thistle

The combination of these ingredients, (culled from some of the most places on earth) act in conjunction to grow new mammary cells that will last for a lifetime.  They balance female hormones in perfect harmony to help you achieve the chest that you want and deserve.

The herbal breast enhancement treatment is also pain free.  After about three weeks you may feel a slight tingling and maybe a little tenderness but remarkably you’ll recognize that sensation from your adolescence when your breast first began to grow.

You will also be amazed at how fast these treatments actually work.  In about four weeks you will notice an increase in breast firmness as the new cells begin to grow.  And as these cells mature in about 3-6 months you will actually notice an increase in the size of your breasts.  Depending on your body type this could as much as two cup sizes.

Despite its all-natural ingredients you should not take the herbal supplement while you are breastfeeding or pregnant. The hormone regulation could cause some damage to the unborn fetus.

It is also generally recommended that you take the pill one to three times a day and that you take it with food.  This will aid in the proliferation of the pill throughout your body.  The same as any other herbal supplement out there.

However, the best aspect of the herbal breast enhancement technique is that you can do it inexpensively and gradually over the course of your life, instead of one large, expensive ordeal that you may not be happy with afterwards.