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It has never been easier to use a 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) camera. The technology that has gone into the SLR is nothing short of amazing, making the camera no more difficult to use than a simple computer program. What is most remarkable about this technology is development of automatic functions. What the photographer previously had to assess and consider is now decided for you by the flick of a switch. This level of automation has made complex photographic technology available to the person in the street in the same way the automotive industry has brought the technology of the racing car to the standard family sedan. However, if you want to take your photography further, you will have to learn what the camera’s functions do and how to apply them in the relevant situations to achieve the desired result.

When buying an SLR you need to find a camera that matches your standard of photography – or the standard you hope to attain. If you want only to point and shoot, it is unlikely you will want the most complicated and well-equipped camera on the market.

Your camera needs to suit you. It should fit in your hands comfortably so that you can reach every dial, wheel and button when you need to. Do not buy a camera if it is so heavy that you will never bother to take it out with you, or if it is too complicated for your level of interest. If you are just starting out in photography, the most important thing is to buy a camera you can operate comfortably – one you can really take control of.

Some popular cameras brands include: Nikon, Kodak, Canon, Minolta, Leica, Olympus, Sony, Mamiya, Fuji, Pentax, Vivitar, Polaroid, Zenza and Sinar. Each has different features, but in SLR’s they are generally the same no matter what brand – some are arguably better than others. Kodak, Nikon and Canon are great SLR’s while Mamiya, Polaroid and Leica are great specialty cameras. Again, choose what kind of shots you want to take and go from there.