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Star Jones

The co-host of a very popular daily talk show, "The View", Star Jones, married her fiancée Al Reynolds, earlier this month, in a beautiful Park Avenue wedding ceremony attended by dozens of celebrities such as Spike Lee, Hillary Clinton, Natalie Cole and Vivica A. Fox, just to name a few.

Star Jones wore a beautiful designer, strapless wedding dress with a 27-foot veil and had the brightest, biggest smile on her face during the ceremony, according to the guests.

Star Jones is one of those celebrities that gets in the news for all the good reasons.  She is a very bubbly, witty entertainment star who can talk about movies, television, books and celebrities with equal passion and knowledge.

Biography of Star Jones is as fascinating as it gets.  Before becoming a household name and a national television celebrity, Star Jones was a lawyer and a prosecutor.  It is perhaps because of her previous job that makes her an unusually confident, intelligent and genuine personality on air.  Her expertise on legal issues and genuine talent has been noted by many, winning her critical acclaim as a news as well as a legal correspondent. 

Star Jones first appeared on television in 1991 when she was a commentator for Court TV during the William Kennedy Smith rape trial.  Her wit and shiny personality quickly got notices and she appeared as a guest on the Today show, after which, she later became the NBC legal correspondent for Today and Nightly News.  She covered the trial of Mike Tyson rape case as well as the Rodney King case. 

It was during that time that she somehow convinced Mike Tyson to do an interview despite the fact that he avoided press and would not allow them any access.  Star Jones also interviewed Rodney King after the two L.A. police officers, who assaulted him, were sentenced and convicted of violating King's civil rights.  It was because of these feats that Star Jones was given her own syndicated television show called Jones & Jury.

Star Jones was also the only news correspondent who was able to obtain an exclusive interview with O.J.Simpson during his civil trial.