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File Recovery

If you really want to impress your boss the best way to do it is to learn a little bit about file recovery.  There comes a time in every businesses life where data is lost and file recovery becomes a vital tool that can save a company thousands of dollars.

If you have these skills, or at least know some of the basics you can ally everyone's fears and come off looking like a hero.  This section of ringsurf has several sections that detail data loss and data recovery techniques and they can be a good starting guide.

Here is a list of the major data causes of data loss.

  • Espionage
  • Fire and flood damage
  • Hard drive crash
  • Virus
  • Hijacking

The other major component of file recovery is file security.  If you can prevent data loss in the first place, it is the best way to really save your company money in the long run. File security can means a lot of things and if you have can assemble a multi-pronged defense plan you're system and network will be almost fool proof.

Your best first defense against file loss is to erect a firewall.  This will go a long way in protecting your data from hackers and any nefarious hijacking mechanism that seem to be lurking in every corner of the internet these days. If you can stop this before it happens you won't even have to resort to file recovery.

Another method of rile loss prevention is to thoroughly back up all of your files.  This has its pitfalls as well. Many companies used to believe that simply storing data on a mainframe connected to their network was enough security, but in reality, anything that is connected to a modem can fall victim to a virus, even id that modem is turned off.

This has led many companies to transfer all of the day's data on to tapes then store those tapes off site.  So even if there is a natural disaster the data will be safe. This may seem a little paranoid, but data is money, and all you have to do is look at the example of the world trade center disaster to really understand just how much of a threat is poised to destroy your data and your business.

So, become the file recovery guy at your work and start scooping out that corner office because if you can save your boss's ass, that office will soon be yours.