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Data Recovery Services

Let's face it, in the new information economy data equals money and if you, lose it you are in big trouble. That's why data recovery is one of the fastest growing businesses in the new economy.

There are several tends in the information economy that have increased the markets need for data recovery services that can get the job done and help you recover ALL of the data that you have lost. Firstly, hard drives today are bigger than they have ever been. This means that if you lose data or your hard dive crashes you could loose hundreds of Gigabytes worth of information. This loss could cripple your business.

The second major reason that data recovery is more important now than ever is that businesses today need to operate faster than the speed of light. If have lost data, it means you cannot use it to help your clients. They have tight production schedules and if you cannot deliver the goods, immediately they can find someone who will.  So don't lose customers because of a technical screw up.

Another very important but often-overlooked reason data recovery is so important is corporate espionage. If you lose information on a hard drive or on a disk you may think that it is gone forever, but be sure that there are unscrupulous people out there who will be more than willing to find it, and sell it to someone else. You need to keep track of your data simply so it doesn't fall into wrong hands.

If you are looking for data recovery there are a lot of business out there who will be more than happy to help you get your information back, but not all of these companies are the same and knowing which on is the best can save you thousands of dollars. It is also important to know that for minor data loss you can always buy inexpensive software that might just do the trick, and this could save you thousands of dollars as well.

When you are looking for a company that offer data recovery services you should be looking for a company that offers a holistic approach to data recovery. This may sound like new age hocus pocus, but it is essential to recovering ALL of your data.

That is why you need to know that the company will offer you some sort of guarantee. If they cannot give this to you really should not be doing business with them. It would be easy to say that they just couldn't find the data, or that it wasn't there in the first place. This is of no use to you, so be sure you are covered.

Every data recovery service should have a team of trained technicians who can physically look for your data using the best equipment the industry has to offer. But this is not all. You should also have engineers take a look at the disk and the hardware to understand how the data was lost in the first place and correct the system so it doesn't happen again. Plus and engineer might be able to find missing data they you may not even know you had lost.

The company should also have a dedicated management staff that can assess you future needs and provide you with data security measures to prevent this from happening again. You might thing would be counter intuitive to their business strategy, by really, if you go out of business because of lost data that means that they would lose a customer, and of course they don't want that.

So if you are looking for a data recovery service that offers the total package make sure they have the following:

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Data loss prevention
  • The latest hardware and software
  • A guarantee of satisfaction