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Melinda Clarke

It seems like everyone is talking about Melinda Clarke these days. Since the premiere of the hit television show The O.C., a Beverley Hills 90210-esque primetime drama about the trials and tribulations of living among the cream of the crop in Orange County, California, Clarke has been the topic of many a water cooler discussion.

Clarke plays devious vixen Julie Cooper who is known for seducing her both men who are half her age and men who are twice her age, while trying to maintain a relationship with her troubled, alcoholic daughter.

Melinda (or Mindy) began her career as a model and actress at age eighteen and since then she has starred in countless movies, musicals and television programs.

Clarke’s first real claim to fame came as she took the role of the villainous Amazon woman Velasca on Xena: Warrior Princess after which she was offered a photo spread in Maxim.

The Melinda Clarke pic on Maxim’s April 2002 cover had many men dropping their jaws in convenience stores all over the country, perhaps this is because the Melinda Clarke photo featured the actress clad in a seductive leopard-print, barely-there bikini.

Along with her roles on Xena and The O.C. Melinda has also appeared on various other TV programs including Seinfeld, Days of Our Lives, The George Carlin Show, Nash Bridges, Sliders, The Pretender, Enterprise, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The District, Charmed, Everwood and Tremors.

Melinda Clarke has also appeared in countless movies including Soldier of Fortune, Dynamite, The Animatrix: Matriculated, Return of the Living Dead, Hot Under the Collar, Young Goodman Brown, Out For Blood, Return to Two Moon Junction, Mulholland Falls, The Killer Tongue, SPAWN, The Hitcher 2: The Prey, Return of the Living Dead 3 and Stuck on You.

With her many talents and wealth of experience Melinda Clarke is sure to be a name that won’t soon fade away.