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Tammy Imre is crazy

This is as insane as it gets. A 29-year old woman, from Bridgeport, Connecticut claimed she wanted to have a relationship and eventually marry an 8-year old friend of her daughter’s with whom she actually was having sex!

The mother of the boy - naturally enraged - said her son has been seriously emotionally damaged by the abuse and tried to jump out the window at school and was acting out a lot, often throwing crying fits if he was not allowed to go to the house next door, where Tammy Imre, his 29-year old "girlfriend" lived.

The mother felt that something was very wrong when her son’s acting out got out of control and he had thrown a chair at another student.

And it wasn’t just the 8-year old boy who suffered from the abuse. Tammy Imre’s daughter, a 7-year old witnessed some of the acts between her mother and the boy. She was often neglected, left to watch television by herself while her mother and the boy engaged in what she described as "disgusting" acts.

The boy’s mother’s older son found a letter in his brother’s room that led the family to believe that the house next door was, quite a house of horrors.

The letter read: "I don’t want anyone but you. Now tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, you can come over we can (you know what). Love ya! I want you!" The letter led to charges that the girl’s 29-year-old mother, Tammy Imre, had engaged in sexual relations with the boy.

Imre, who is divorced, and worked part-time receptionist, hasdbeen charged with multiple offenses, including sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. A judge set bond at $250,000 Monday.

According to the arrest affidavit, Imre told investigators she thought of the relationship "like a fantasy and she was the girlfriend and he was the boyfriend and that someday they could end up together in a relationship."

Once she was confronted, police said Imre confirmed she was having sexual acts with the 8-year old boy. In the affidavit, Imre described kissing and fondling the boy and being in bed together naked.

When speaking to the media, authorities said it is unclear how long the abuse has been going on but the boy’s mother said her son visited Imre’s house nearly every day for at least a year. Until she found the letter all she knew was that Imre would take her daughter and the boy to the neighborhood playground and out to eat at a fast food restaurant. Sometimes she’d take the boy to a mall and would buy him toys and other gifts, the boy’s mother said.

The mother said: "We were mothers of two children who go to school together. She seemed like a good friend."

When the investigation began in September the boy at first denied kissing or touching Imre, but later said that he had an intercourse with her, according to the affidavit.

The boy also told investigators that Imre gave him a key to her apartment.

Evelyn Imre, the suspect’s mother, said her daughter had "a little mental problem" but would not elaborate.


Imre continued to claim that the relationship was just a "fantasy" and her mother said that Tammy was just being friendly and nothing out of ordinary happened between her and the little boy. Speaking about the boy Tammy Imre allegedly engaged in some impossible sex trysts with the mother defiantly told The New York Post: "He’s the one who needs to be looked at. I know she’s innocent. It’s the devil at work."

In one of the horrifying accounts, Imre’s daughter said she watched her mother’s private parts being shaved by the boy and had seen other things that she is unable to describe yet.

The boy’s mother appeared at the first hearing saying that she wanted Tammy Imre to know that she couldn’t get away with this. Imre tried to avoid being seen by hiding her face behind her long, blonde hair but she wasn’t too successful as her picture getting out of a police car has appeared in newspapers all over the world.

As for the boy, he is currently in counseling. His mother said Tammy Imre "ruined" him but he’s getting better now that he is away from her.

If convicted, Imre could serve more than 20 years in prison.