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Costs of Bariatric Surgery

You have decided to go through with bariatric surgery to help you deal with morbid obesity and get you back to a healthy fitness level that will impact your life in a truly positive way. But who will help you pay for this procedure? Financial considerations need to be addressed because the cost of the bariatric weight loss surgery and follow-up differ according to the complexity of the operation.

If a patient is a qualified candidate for bariatric weight loss surgery (which is determined during the initial consultation) the surgery and the hospitalization is often covered. Depending upon a patient’s individual insurance plan, the coverage usually ranges from 50-100% of the costs of surgery and hospitalization. Each patient is encouraged to contact their insurance company to inquire about their coverage for the procedure.

Most insurance companies approve benefits for the surgery if certain criteria are met, and these vary between individual insurances. In man instances, the procedure may be tax deductible. Other companies, however, have exclusion clauses for the treatment of obesity.

If your weight loss surgery is denied, the some clinics will work with you and your primary care physician to appeal the decision in the attempt to get it overturned. If your weight loss surgery is excluded from your policy, other clinics may accepts financing through other financial services which must be approved prior to weight loss surgery.

Bariatric procedures range in price (anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000) depending on the procedure you will undergo and the amount covered by insurance. Check with your physicians and state insurers to see how much each of the bariatric procedures cost in your area. Hopefully your health plan will cover your bariatric surgery. It is a good idea to consider getting pre-approved for financing options as a safety net in case their health plan doesn’t come through for them

But aside from the surgical costs involved, there are other finances to consider.

Bariatric surgery means you will have a new lifestyle and it may force you to make a new budget for yourself and family based on these lifestyle changes. Consider, for instance, a gym membership, or a new healthy choice diet, or clothes, even furniture and transportation. These changes in your lifestyle all affect your budget and financial planning, and it would be unwise to let these items of interest go unwarranted.

For most people undergoing bariatric surgery, cost and coverage could often mean the difference between getting the procedure or not. Take the time to learn your areas insurance regulations and of course, plan with your lawyer and family members the most efficient way to help you get the treatment you need at the best price.

You are looking for a second chance at life. Be prepared and have a financial plan in any case. Weigh your finances and make a decision that benefits you, your family and protects your assets. Bariatric surgery is not a minor operation, so ensure that you can afford to have this great, life changing procedure happen. After all, your life is worth more than the price tag attached to the procedure anyway.