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Metal Gear

Ever heard of Metal Gear Solid? Probably have. What you probably haven’t heard of is Metal Gear, no Solid, the game that started the series 10 years earlier. Featuring an in-depth plot unheard of in those days, and finally a game involving stealth instead of just pure power. It was one of the most revolutionary formulas for success in an age featuring games that almost always were new and different, and yet, among the mainstream, this game is hardly known. Let’s begin!

The graphics and the sound really suck, but this game’s on the NES. Don’t expect much, and you won’t be disappointed. The colors are a little dark and bland, but it’s set the stage good. Also, the sound can be a little blurry and whatnot. Either way, crappy graphics and sound just come with the ground on these oldies.

The game play in this game is where it shines. At first, it seems frustrating and like all those other corny overhead shooters, but after a while, it really starts to draw you in. It seems like all those other games, but it’s not how you can handle your character that makes it different. It’s all about the fact that guards will always outclass, outman, and overpower you. The only thing you have going for you is your resortfulness, your intelligence, and your stealth. Most of the time, you have to sneak by your opponents, and when you do have to take the offensive you must strike quickly, and before they notice. Really, this game is a diamond in the rough among all those other NES shooters.

This game isn’t very long, but that makes it fun to replay again and again. Since it revolves around slick game play and plenty of stealth action, this game’s not going to get old any time soon. I’m not saying you won’t be able to put this game down until you’ve beaten it 10 times, but you won’t get rid of it after the first play through, either. This game is old, and I promise you you’ll need the Internet to find it. But if you can somehow get a copy of it, this game will be well worth it.

If you liked Metal Gear Solid because of it’s graphics or sound, needless to say this game’s not for you. But if you like Metal Gear Solid for any of it’s other outstanding features, you’ll love this game. Either way, you should probably give this game a try, it shouldn’t disappoint you. This game is one of the 5 greatest NES games, in my mind. After all, it did start the same series that produced Metal Gear Solid, didn’t it?