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Dr. Mario

When I was a little kid, round about 7 years, when I had my crusty old Nintendo, my first game was Dr.Mario. And what a game it was! I was playing this game for hours in front of the TV. I was the master. Now I look back and think ’’Gee that was great.’’ So I’ll write a review about it.

This game is about Mario of course but as a doctor. He decides to take a break from stopping Bowser and decides to work in the Mushroom kingdom hospital. But then he discovers a virus affecting the bottles of his work place. Now he has to get rid of it.

It plays like columns almost. There are three types of virus: blue, yellow and red. And there are medicine capsules of each color. To get rid of them, you must place three half’s of capsules on them, to make four in a row.

If you put too many capsules in the bottle and fills up, the game is over.

This game is seriously addictive. It is one of the best games ever for the NES. Tetris is good, but for my money, you can’t go past Dr.Mario.

The music is also very good as well. If you listen to the Fever music you will find yourself humming along to the music. The Chill music isn’t so good but who cares?

Playing against another player is also a lot of fun. You could play like 100 games of this and still not get bored. There was also a cartoon of Dr.Mario. I watched it because I loved the game so much but I found that the show wasn’t as good as the game.

Dr.Mario is an original and VERY enjoyable game. You can now get this game at your local pawn shop at say 1 dollar, but hey if you still have a NES and see this game, you should buy it. It’s a classic. If you don’t, you have a bad headache and should take 4 pills to get over it. (TEE HEE) Okay just kidding. But you still should buy it.

Or if you have an emulator, download the rom. But then again you need to own the game so just buy it.

And one more thing, just for an added challenge for those of you who won the game, set the speed on fast, raise the virus counter up to 20 and see how far you can get! Good luck, you’ll need it!

Needless to say, if Mario was a real doctor is would be a very bad one.  All he does is throw pills at you.  I guess it’s just indicative of our society today.  I would have preferred it if there was a preventative medicine component, or maybe even some physical therapy, but hey Mario is a busy guy, so I guess he’s just trying to get the job done.