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Super Mario Bros. 2

Out of all the Mario games, I have noticed that two of them could be considered weird, especially when compared to the other games featured in the console series. Those games are Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (for Super Nintendo), and Super Mario Brothers 2. Super Mario Brothers 2 is definitely a very odd and mysterious game. Originally, the game was known as Doki Doki Panic in Japan, which may explain why this game is so different than the other 2 in the NES trilogy. I guess Nintendo was too lazy to make another game or something, so we got stuck with this one.

OK, so the truth is the game was originally supposed to come in the form of the Lost Levels form (featured in Super Mario All Stars for the Super Nintendo console, by the way), but Nintendo executives had this crazy idea that the game was too much like the original, and no one would want to play the same type of game, so they found a relatively unknown Japanese game that fit the type of game Super Mario Brothers was, repackaged it into a Super Mario Brothers game, and released it to the American public. Good idea.. not! I am just glad the game turned out as solid as it did, however I don’t think it would be as popular if it wasn’t a Mario game.

Basically, this game is far different than the original Mario Brothers. The story is different, the graphics are way different, the game controls differently, and the game itself is way different. For instance, you can now choose from one of four characters at the start of every stage. You are not forced to use Mario, now you can use Mario, Luigi, the Princess, or Toad. Now you may be asking how can you use the princess if she is kidnapped? Well, check out the story section for more details..

Story – Like the rest of the game, the story is also pretty different and original. Instead of having to save Princess, Mario is stuck in Dream World, and he needs to defeat Wart in order to save the people of Dream World. If that’s not an original story for a Mario game, then I have no clue what is!

Super Mario Bros. 2 may well be seen by many as the outcast of the family. As the token wild child in the otherwise impeccably mannered brood. While it must be said that this game certainly is the more rebellious of the NES titles, being neither as achingly perfect as the third entry, or as simple and honest as the first, it still has plenty to offer. It starts to drag a little towards the end, but on the whole this is still a very accomplished and solid platform game.