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Detox Diet

As more and more people embark on missions of self-improvement, they often begin their quest by changing their eating habits.  Dieting programs can help a person lose some extra pounds, but they can also be used to produce a healthy body.  One particularly effective set of diets that are intended to help increase your body’s energy and health is a detox diet.

From a naturopathic point of view, a detox diet is designed to help change the way a person eats.  If you are feeling that your energy levels are down and that your body feels unhealthy, you may find that a detox diet will help you out.  A detox diet is designed to detoxify your body by removing toxins and other contaminants that may be present within your body.  If these toxins remain in your body, many medical practitioners feel that it will increase your body’s susceptibility to such illnesses as: fatigue, hormonal imbalance, impaired immune function, inefficient metabolism, nutritional deficiency, pain, and poor skin.

Like many other popular diets, the detox diet requires only a short period of time to be effective.  Although there are a number of variations of the detox diet, generally the different types of detox diets share the same principles.  The Detox Diet provides a set menu plan that is designed to improve your body’s health by restricting the amount of chemicals found in food that you eat.  Generally this requires a switch from regular food to organic food.  Additionally, the Detox Diet menu plan recommends eating food that are high in vitamin, nutrient, and antioxidant content.  This will help your body detoxify the toxins that are present.  Additionally, the detox diet will emphasize eating food that will help provoke your body flush out toxins through increased bowel movements and urination.  These foods tend to be high in fiber.  Another attribute of the detox diet is to increase the amount of water you drink.

Often described as a lifestyle choice, the detox diet has many supporters that swear by its effectiveness.  Proponents of the Detox Diet describe some of the benefits of this diet to include such things as: clarity, clearer skin, higher energy, improved digestion, increased concentration, and regular bowel movements.  Howevr, critics of the detox diet argue that the diet is too low in nutrients.  Nutritionists feel that detox diets contain too few proteins and is not healthy for your body.

Regardless of which side you choose to believe, the detox diet has proven to be effective.  It can be a one time experience or the path to a healthier lifestyle.  However, everyone agrees that the Detox Diet should not be done by everyone.  It is highly recommended that pregnant women should not embark on this diet.  Additionally, if you suffer from such illnesses as: anemia, diabetes, eating disorder, epilepsy, heart disease, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, liver disease, low blood pressure, and ulcer, you should not go on the detox diet.

Change your body from a negative to an asset.  By improving your body’s energy with the detox diet, you may find that your life will feel like a new one.  Embrace a healthy lifestyle and see if the detox diet is the diet for you!