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Episcopalians are one denomination of Christian worshipers and the actual word ”Episcopal” is derived from a Greek word that means overseer. In this case the overseer is the church bishop.

The Episcopal Church is the American branch of the Anglican Church, which began in England. The Episcopal Church came into existence as an independent denomination after the American Revolution. Today it is estimated that it has close to three million members in the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

The Anglican Church, from which the Episcopal tradition was derived, concentrates on the 2000 years of Catholic tradition that dates back to the days when Jesus Christ walked the earth preaching the word of God.

Episcopal church services are congregational (meaning that a lot of people participate all together) and in most Episcopalian churches the Book of Common Prayer is found in the pews of the church so that the whole congregation can participate fully in every service (with prayers, hymns etc.)

The Episcopal Church observes the traditional Christian calendar and during festive seasons like Christmas and Easter worshipers are expected to attend church services.