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Bahaism is said to be the youngest of the world’s independent religions. It was founded in Iran in 1863 and incorporates tenets of both Christianity and Islam.

Bahaism was founded by Mirza Hoseyn ’Ali Nuri who is also known as Baha ’Ullah. Baha ’Ullah claimed that he was a divine manifestation calling himself The Bab (the gate to divine truth).

Participants in the Bahai faith believe in the spiritual unity of all humankind. The Bahai faith is actually quite open and tolerant when it comes to other religions and belief systems.

According to Bahaism the founders and prophets of the prominent religions of the world (Mohammad, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ etc.) were all sent to earth by one God to offer spiritual guidance to humanity. In addition to these prophets Bahaism recognizes the Bab and Baha ’Ullah, seeing them as the most recent spiritual teachers that have walked on earth.

Participants in the Bahai faith believe that the earth will continue to see new and different prophets in the years to come who will continue to offer guidance to humanity.

Bahaism teaches that:

-         All forms of prejudice should be abandoned.

-         Men and women should be equal.

-         All religions are as one.

-         Extreme wealth and extreme poverty should be eliminated.

-         Education should be compulsory and universal throughout the world.

-         Religion should be in harmony with science and reason.

-         It is the responsibility of the individual to search independently for truth.

-         A world federal system should be established to facilitate collective security.