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As reality TV has become the latest craze in the land of television, new reality TV shows have popped up that defy categorization.  These miscellaneous reality TV shows are built on entertaining premises that showcase some serious creative muscle.  Shows like The Joe Schmo Show seems as much a reality TV show as it is a parody of a reality TV show.  This hilariously bizarre show takes cues from great reality TV moments from other reality TV shows and turns it on its head.  From falcons delivering messages revealing plot twists to hilariously over the top hosts, Joe Schmo is a fantastically ridiculous reality TV show that has audiences on the floor rolling with laughter.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll question how the contestant(s) on the show that aren’t actors have yet to realize that they’ve been put on.  A truly great reality TV show!

Another reality TV show that defies explanation is My Life is a Sitcom.  On this ABC reality TV show, a stay-at-home dad gets the opportunity to reach his dream job.  The fact that this man’s dream job is to star in his own sitcom may seem sketchy, but My Life is a Sitcom gives this man the opportunity.  My Life is a Sitcom focuses of Joe Mozian’s attempt to create and star in a TV show that is based on his life.  After coming in second on an ABC contest for a family to star in a TV show based on their life, Joe has a second chance to make his television dreams come true.  However, there’s just one catch: his family does not have the opportunity to star in said sitcom.

My Life is a Sitcom then follows Joe’s trips through America as he tries to find regular people to be cast as members of his televised family.  Can he find the right person to accurately portray his children?  How will his best friend feel about the person portraying him on television?  This riveting reality TV show examines the trials and tribulations of casting a sitcom, while focusing on how this entire process affects Joe.  Truly this show was a stroke of comedic genius.

The reality TV show that truly defies categorization is The Mole.  On this show, a group of contestants complete a series of contests that challenge both the mind and body that translates into money.  This money is contained in a symbolic pot, not an actual one, in which one member of the group eventually wins (the money, not the pot).  However, within this group lies one member that has been deemed the mole!  Unlike the Scarlet Letter where a large A is worn noticeably by the group’s outcast, the mole is hidden within the group.  The role of the mole is to assist the producers of the show by sabotaging their teammates.  However, the group of players must determine who the mole is and learn as much about them as possible.  Of course accusing members of your own group as the mole is going to lead some tension and that’s why The Mole is a popular reality TV show.  Not that I’ve seen it, as I find it way too complex but that could be because I was watching Celebrity Mole: Yucatan!

These reality TV shows that can only be categorized as miscellaneous are some of the most creative reality TV shows today.  If successful, they will definitely spawn imitators, and that’s only a good thing for you: the reality TV loving public!