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Vida Guerra says no the fuzz

In today’s image driven world, a curious development has occurred within the star system. While there have always been people that have been famous for being famous, there are now stars that have built their reputations solely on the fact that they look good. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this has been swimsuit model and aspiring rapper and actress, Vida Guerra. The Cuban-American beauty has risen to stardom thanks to her bootylicious frame. A two-time recipient of FHM’s prestigious Best Butt award, vida guerra is a bonafide star. Boys and girls around the world have vida guerra wallpaper greeting them on their computers and vida guerra pics are floating around the Internet. A woman that has starred in numerous hip hop videos to the point where she has created her own category of vida guerra videos recently discovered that her fame came with some peculiar perks. On August 17, model vida guerra had an interesting run in with some West Hollywood policemen. Discovering her white Range Rover had a parking ticket on her windshield, vida guerra apparently attempted to charm the parking officers. However, it seems that these police officers wanted some extra charm from the stunning starlet – things that she wouldn’t or couldn’t do. According to vida guerra, the two parking cops told her that she could get out of her parking ticket if she gave them one thing – nude vida guerra photos. While vida guerra photos are quiet plentiful online and it’s easy to gain access to a vida guerra gallery, the model was a bit taken by surprise. After all, besides being a gross overuse of police power, how many people actually drive around with nude photos of themselves with them? Therefore, if you’re a police officer and you want to look for vida guerro nude photos, it’s now plain to see that the model/actress/rapper doesn’t carry these things with her in her car. Shocked by the request, model vida guerra understandably declined. It was a bit of a strange request as Vida Guerra has posed nude for Playboy before and you can find vida guerra pics in pretty much any men’s magazine. That’s how much in high demand she is. There is also a DVD titled vida guerra exposed that showcases some of the backstage shenanigans involved in Vida Guerra’s preparation and work for her line of swimsuit calendars. Additionally, model vida guerra isn’t exactly the type of person that shies away from a fight. Compton rapper, The Game, engaged in a feud with the model after she declined to appear in the music video for his song Wouldn’t Get Far, which is, depending on who you talk to, is an homage or an insult at the girls who appear in hip hop videos. After The Game made unsubstantiated claims of sleeping with Guerra, she struck back with a diss song. As the news has been reported, the plot continues to thicken. While there’s been a rash of parking and driving arrests/tickets given to some of today’s youngest stars, you can imagine how embarrassing this incident has been for the local government. In response, the West Hollywood Mayor named Pro Tem has vowed to launch an investigation to get to the bottom of the matter. Who knows where this can potentially lead – maybe West Hollywood parking enforcement officers actually have naked photos of a long line of celebrities that exchanged their dignity for getting out of a parking ticket. However, this is probably unlikely.