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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston made a name for herself playing Rachel on the hit series friends. Since, Friends, however, jennifer aniston has mostly been in the news due to her high profile marriage and breakup with brad pitt, as well as her film the break up, co-starring Vince Vaughn. Though jennifer aniston has become one of the only friends cast members to translate her Friends success into a movie career, the brad pitt jennifer aniston relationship always seems to overshadow Jennifer Aniston films. Even when jennifer aniston released the breakup, it was the Jennifer Aniston Vince Vaughn relationship that received most of the publicity. Still, jennifer aniston has a fairly successful career and a lot of admirers who would be interested in seeing jennifer aniston pics in a jennifer aniston gallery. Perhaps one of the most popular Jennifer Aniston traits is the jennifer aniston hair. It is kind of sad for jennifer aniston, however, that no matter how hard she works the media always pays more attention to brad pitt or the jennifer aniston hair.
When jennifer aniston broke onto the scene in the mid-1990s with Friends, it was the jennifer aniston hair that got her noticed. If you look at any jennifer aniston gallery, the jennifer aniston pics show a progression from the shaggy “Rachel” jennifer aniston hair to the sleeker, long jennifer aniston hair of the late 1990s, to the shorter jennifer aniston hair when Rachel has her baby. In fact, a jennifer aniston gallery of jennifer aniston pics not only shows the changes in jennifer aniston hair but the changes in women’s hair fashion all over America. The jennifer aniston hair has been cited as one of the most influential hair trendsetters. A jennifer aniston gallery shows the introductions of different hair trends nation wide. While jennifer aniston hair proved exceedingly influential through friends, especially in the early seasons, since Friends jennifer aniston hair has had less of an impact. Still, the current jennifer aniston hair with the wavy extensions is very popular. Friends was certainly the breakthrough role for Jennifer Aniston. After jennifer aniston had made many low budget films and cancelled television series, Friends saved her career and made Jennifer Aniston a star. On friends, jennifer aniston played Rachel Green, the daddy’s girl who left a man at the alter and decided to become and independent woman. Not only would a jennifer aniston gallery of jennifer aniston pics from Friends trace the jennifer aniston hairstyles, but it would also show the changes in Jennifer Aniston’s fashion. Jennifer Aniston quickly became a fashion icon with her Friends role.
The jennifer aniston character went from waitress to Bloomingdale’s to Ralph Lauren and Jennifer Aniston always dressed the part. While jennifer aniston made many movies while starring on Friends, it was friends that made jennifer aniston a household name and friends brought Jennifer Aniston a lot of acclaim in terms of both popularity and awards. When jennifer aniston married brad pitt, everyone thought they were the dream couple. The Jennifer Aniston brad pitt marriage happened at the height of their popularity. When brad pitt appeared on Friends, the episode was a hit. In that friends episode, brad pitt played a man who hated the Jennifer Aniston character because she was mean to him in high school before he became hot. The brad pitt jennifer aniston relationship was heavily publicized. Any jennifer aniston gallery would certainly be stocked with brad pitt jennifer aniston pics, as they were always hounded by the paparazzi. It surprised everyone when brad pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced they were separating in 2005. It became a huge scandal when brad pitt was reported to be having an affair with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. Soon, brad pitt was certainly painted as the adulterous bad guy in the breakup between brad pitt and Jennifer Aniston. The brad pitt jennifer aniston relationship probably brought Jennifer Aniston more publicity than even Friends did and this publicity certainly did not hurt when it came time to release the next jennifer aniston film, the breakup. In the break up, jennifer aniston stars opposite Vince Vaughn as a couple who decides to breakup but neither of them want to give up their great condo. The problem with the breakup was that people were expecting a wacky comedy, of the kind that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are both known for. While the break up was marketed as a comedy, the breakup was actually more of a drama and this surprised and disappointed audiences. The ending of the break up was not a particularly happy and romantic one for the jennifer aniston and Vince Vaughn characters. Beyond the actual film, the breakup received a lot of publicity due to the off-screen romance between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.
A jennifer aniston gallery probably also offers jennifer aniston pics of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. This publicity, however, was said to be a strain on the relationship and soon jennifer aniston and Vince Vaughn followed the lead of their characters from the break up and split. If you are interested in finding a jennifer aniston gallery to look at jennifer aniston pics, you should not have too much trouble. There is a jennifer aniston gallery for probably every different kind of jennifer aniston hair. There are also many different jennifer aniston pics featuring Jennifer Aniston red carpet looks. As jennifer aniston was a frequent figure at the Emmys and Golden Globes during the Friends run, there are many jennifer aniston pics from these events. Even though Jennifer Aniston is no longer a regular television personality, she certainly still remains in the public eye. Though jennifer aniston is mostly noted for her comedy performances in television and film, now it seems that Jennifer Aniston is moving more towards dramatic roles. Jennifer Aniston certainly proved her worth as an actress in films like The Good Girl and Friends With Money and hopefully jennifer aniston will continue to take on more challenging roles. Now that jennifer aniston is no longer overshadowed by brad pitt, the career of Jennifer Aniston will certainly continue to blossom on its own.