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Steve Carell

Steve Carell made his name as a daily show correspondent but has since achieved fame for his starring role on the television series the office and films like the 40 year old virgin and evan almighty. Though steve carrell is known as a comic actor, his role in the 2006 hit Little Miss Sunshine as the depressed uncle won him critical acclaim. Audiences also know Steve Carell for his smaller roles in films like Bruce Almighty and Anchorman. Now steve carrell is considered part of the Frat Pack for his films where he co-stars with actors like Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. Steve Carell most often plays slow-witted or naïve characters who are socially awkward but have a good heart. The role of Michael Scott on the office is perfectly suited to the talents of steve carrell and Steve Carell will be returning to film another season of the NBC hit show. Steve Carell has made it clear, however, that he will not be returning as a correspondent for the daily show.
As a daily show correspondent, steve carrell starred in two main segments: “Even Stephen” and “Produce Pete with Steve Carell”. In the daily show segment “Even Stephen”, steve carrell would debate issues with fellow daily show correspondent Stephen Colbert. The daily show debates between steve carrell and Stephen Colbert were a hit with audiences. Steve Carell would take one side of an issue, for example the popular medicinal marijuana debate, and Stephen Colbert would fight him from the other, both constantly addressing each other as “Stephen”. In the daily show segment “Produce Pete with Steve Carell”, steve carrell would discuss new trends in food and groceries, for example, reminding viewers to stock up on fruits and vegetables for the summer. Steve Carell stayed with the daily show from 1999 to 2004, though as steve carrell began working on side projects his daily show appearances were less frequent. Still, the steve carrell daily show segments continue to be popular as Internet videos and steve carrell is always warmly welcomed back to the daily show as a guest. Television audiences unfamiliar with the daily show will probably know Steve Carell from his starring role as Michael Scott on the NBC show the office.
The American show the office is a remake of the British sitcom of the same name. By casting steve carrell as Michael Scott, however, the office was able to distinguish itself from the British show. In the office, steve carrell plays the regional manager of an office that sells paper supplies. The set-up of the office is to show the comic office relationships and incidents that occur in a very dull office job. In the office, Steve Carell plays a boss who wants to be everybody’s friend, while still trying to maintain some authority. The clueless and socially awkward boss that steve carrell plays in the office is the butt of many jokes and office pranks. The third season of the office actually allowed for a bit more character development for steve carrell, as Steve Carell deals with relationship issues and new office staff. Steve Carell will return with the office and more laughs next season. The first film where steve carrell had a staring role was the 40 year old virgin. In the 40 year old virgin, steve carrell plays just that: a 40 year old virgin who has just about given up on ever having sex. The 40 year old virgin once again casts Steve Carell in the role of the social outcast who means well but has no idea how to properly interact with people. Films like the 40 year old virgin and Anchorman led the media to classify steve carrell as part of the “Frat Pack”, that group of actors who all appear in the same comedies aimed at audiences of young adults.
The 40 year old virgin was a surprise hit for steve carrell. As Steve Carell was not yet a major star, the 40 year old virgin actually relied on talented writers and good-hearted comedy. The writers of 40 year old virgin would go on to create Knocked Up and Superbad. The 40 year old virgin pushed the star power of Steve Carell to another level. With the office and 40 year old virgin under his belt, steve carrell became a true comedy star. This year, Steve Carell came out with another comedy that was a hit at the box office: evan almighty. Steve Carell had a minor role in the Jim Carrey 2003 film Bruce Almighty, where he played a newscaster named Evan Baxter. In evan almighty, steve carrell reprises his role as Evan Baxter, although now Steve Carell plays Baxter as a US senator. The premise of evan almighty is that of Noah’s Ark. In evan almighty, God (Morgan Freeman) chooses steve carrell to save his community by building a giant ark. The film evan almighty was a box office success but not a critical success.
The role of Evan Baxter was a little more Jim Carrey than steve carrell and it just seemed like Steve Carell has done much better in past films. There were a lot of problems with the script of evan almighty and the film falls pretty flat. Yet, despite the fact that evan almighty just was not that strong a film, evan almighty did increase the box office power of Steve Carell and steve carrell has more films in the works. Steve Carell really is at his best when he plays the inappropriate Michael Scott of the office. Steve Carell has mastered silly dancing and awkward jokes on the office. The scene in the boat episode of the office where steve carrell explains how dancing is an ancient art while flailing all over the dance floor has become legendary. If steve carrell chooses more films like the 40 year old virgin and Little Miss Sunshine, he will continue to be successful with both critics and audiences. Steve Carell has risen quickly from obscurity to comedy star but he has well deserved the acclaim.