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Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller has been incredibly prolific since his breakout hit in 1998 with theres something about mary. Though ben stiller has been working in film and theatre since his early twenties, it was not until the ben stiller show, which aired in 1992, that the name Ben Stiller became recognizable. Between the ben stiller show and theres something about mary, ben stiller mostly directed his own films, including Cable Guy and Reality Bites. Now Ben Stiller is one of the biggest comedians working in film today, with hits like meet the parents, zoolander, and Dodgeball rocketing him to the top. Ben Stiller is known as part of the “Frat Pack”, often working with zoolander co-star Owen Wilson, as well as Vince Vaughn. Ben Stiller grew up in a show business family, as he is the son of Jerry Stiller, and has continued his father’s comic legacy. Jerry Stiller often appears with ben stiller in films like zoolander where he plays ben stiller’s manager. Ben Stiller has many movie projects on the horizon, as well as a television show set to star his wife Christine Taylor.
Ben Stiller discovered his talent for making spoof videos early on. Fox picked up the ben stiller show in 1992 as a sketch show along the lines of in living color and Saturday Night Live. The ben stiller show was mostly known for its parodies of television shows and movies. The ben stiller show starred Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, Andy Dick, and Bob Odenkirk. All the cast members of the ben stiller show have become successful comedians. The problem with the ben stiller show seemed to be a lack of audiences due to its time slot. There are still many fans of the ben stiller show who wished it lasted more than one season. The ben stiller show was critically acclaimed and even won an Emmy for writing after it was cancelled. The ben stiller show has just recently been released on DVD. An unaired episode of the ben stiller show appears on the DVD.
Ben Stiller has stated that the ben stiller show was one of his favourite projects. Though ben stiller had some success as a director with Reality Bites and as a sketch comedian for networks like MTV, the film that really made Ben Stiller a star was theres something about mary in 1998. In theres something about mary, ben stiller plays a man still in love with his high school crush, though he has not seen her since a disastrous prom night. Cameron Diaz plays the love interest of Ben Stiller. Probably the most infamous scene of theres something about mary is when ben stiller zips up his fly a little too quickly. The Farrelly brothers directed theres something about mary and they are known for some gross-out humour. In theres something about mary, Ben Stiller hires a private detective to track down Mary so that ben stiller can have another shot with her. Unfortunately for Ben Stiller, every man in theres something about mary is in love with Mary. The movie theres something about mary was a huge hit with audiences and really gave a jump-start to the career of ben stiller. The next major hit Ben Stiller would have was meet the parents. In meet the parents, ben stiller plays opposite Robert De Niro. The story of meet the parents revolves around Ben Stiller being taken to his soon to be in-laws home. But in meet the parents, the new father-in-law happens to be a spy for the CIA who does not think ben stiller is good enough for his daughter.
The success of meet the parents had a lot to do with the chemistry between Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. In meet the parents, ben stiller has many unfortunate accidents. Perhaps the most memorable scene in meet the parents is when Ben Stiller describes to De Niro how to milk a cat. The relationship between ben stiller and his girlfriend is severely tested over the course of meet the parents. In meet the parents, Ben Stiller pairs up with his frequent co-star Owen Wilson. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson would also pair up for the sequel to meet the parents, meet the fockers. The film zoolander was taken from two sketches ben stiller created for the VH1 Fashion Awards. Ben Stiller plays a male model in zoolander who has looks and fame but is not exactly the brightest. In zoolander, ben stiller is called upon to stop the assassination of the Malaysian prime minister. As zoolander, Ben Stiller wears outrageously tight clothes and has his hair perfectly gelled. Christine Taylor, the wife of ben stiller, co-stars as the romantic lead in zoolander. Derek zoolander lives for one purpose – to be really ridiculously good looking. The zoolander sketches, as well as the zoolander movie, are completely ridiculous but very funny. Ben Stiller even won over many critics with the light-hearted comedy of zoolander.
Once again, Owen Wilson teams up with Ben Stiller to play Hansel, the rival of zoolander who eventually becomes his friend. Ben Stiller seems to be at his best in two different kinds of roles. Ben Stiller can play the guy with good intentions and really bad luck, as in theres something about mary and meet the parents. Ben Stiller can also be great as the outrageous parody of a stereotype, as in zoolander or as the ferocious team leader in Dodgeball. In the past decade, ben stiller has had a lot of success. Most younger ben stiller fans probably prefer his zoolander type roles but many older Ben Stiller fans will remember that ben stiller also has a lot of talent as a writer and director.
Before there was zoolander, there was Reality Bites. It is kind of strange but it seems ben stiller hit his mature period in his twenties with Reality Bites and has since moved on to very popular silly humour aimed at younger audiences. Still, ben stiller certainly delivers laughs and films like theres something about mary and meet the parents are some of the better blockbuster comedies to be made in recent years.