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Jack Black

Jack Black has become one of the most popular comedians in Hollywood today. Jack Black is known as an actor, a comedian, and a musician with his band tenacious d. Films like high fidelity and school of rock have made jack black a star among audiences of all ages. The media has listed jack black as a member of the “Frat Pack”, a group of male comedians that appear in many movies together and are very popular with high school and college aged audiences. Jack Black has been going strong ever since his break through role in high fidelity in 2000. Three movies starring jack black were released in 2006. It seems like Jack Black is still on the rise in Hollywood. The movies jack black makes attract big audiences. Even tenacious d: the pick of destiny attracted a cult audience of jack black fans. Jack Black has appeal to both college aged viewers and children, which makes him a star with a wide range of hits. The jack black film school of rock proved both the box office draw of Jack Black and his success as a star in children’s films. Jack Black began his career in television. It took a while for jack black to really take off as an actor. After dropping out of UCLA, jack black appeared in guest spots on many television series, including “Mr. Show”. Jack Black also made a pilot for a series directed by Ben Stiller called “Heat Vision and Jack”. In “Heat Vision and Jack”, jack black plays a man whose dead best friend (Owen Wilson) has possessed his motorcycle.
The pilot never aired but now jack black fans can find the show on sites like YouTube. Jack Black fans should have no problem finding jack black comedy on Internet video sites. Jack Black is one of the most popular comedians on these sites. While jack black has never been known as a stand-up comedian, Jack Black sketches are very well known. Particularly notable are the jack black tenacious d sketches and the song jack black and Will Ferrell sung at the Academy Awards in 2007, in which they professed their desire for Helen Mirren. Jack Black got his big break with high fidelity. The film high fidelity starred John Cusack as a record-store owner and jack black as one of his pretentious employees. Jack Black plays Barry, a music geek who uses his knowledge to treat the lowly customers like dirt. In high fidelity, jack black got to show off a lot of the talents that would make him a star. First of all, high fidelity automatically associated Jack Black with music and comedy, something that jack black would push with tenacious d and school of rock. In high fidelity, jack black does a lot of physical comedy, as well as the mixture of dry wit and insanity that has made him famous. At the end of high fidelity, Jack Black also gets to show off his musical talents. The end of high fidelity is a concert with the band jack black joined in the film and Jack Black gets to rock out on stage. While jack black played a smaller role in high fidelity, the film really helped launch his career.
After starring in films like Shallow Hal and Orange County, jack black had another major hit with school of rock. In school of rock, jack black plays Dewey, a lazy musician who still dreams of being a rock star but lives on his best friend’s couch. When Dewey fakes being a supply teacher in order to make some quick cash, Jack Black ends up turning a fussy private school into a school of rock. The movie school of rock was a huge success, as jack black really spoke to younger audiences. Jack Black was both hilarious and an inspiration to school of rock audiences. The school of rock soundtrack features both songs played and sung by jack black but also by the children who starred in school of rock. The school of rock soundtrack was also a major hit with young people. If you are looking for the school of rock soundtrack, you can probably find it online.
The school of rock soundtrack should also be available in local record stores. The school of rock soundtrack is just one of many rock albums that feature Jack Black. Besides the school of rock soundtrack, most of the hit records that feature jack black belong to the tenacious d catalogue. Jack Black is one of the two members that make up tenacious d. Kyle Gass joins Jack Black in this rock band with a cult following. Always unique, tenacious d mixes comedy with rock ‘n’ roll. Even if you have not heard a tenacious d record, you may have seen a tenacious d video. The tenacious d videos often feature jack black and Kyle Gass as cartoons. Jack Black and Kyle Gass have one tenacious d video where they are cartoons playing in hell. This tenacious d video is also well circulated over the Internet. In 2006, tenacious d released their first feature length film, tenacious d: the pick of destiny. In this tenacious d film, jack black and Kyle Gass go looking for a supranatural guitar pick. Even in interviews promoting the film Jack Black made fun of how badly the tenacious d movie was doing at the box office.
Jack Black expressed his desire that the tenacious d film, like the tenacious d records, would at least gain a cult following. In 2006, jack black also released Nacho Libre, another children’s film that aimed to follow the success of school of rock. Jack Black also made The Holiday, a horrible romantic comedy with none of the wit or charm of high fidelity. Jack Black seems to be most successful when he is being an original. Jack Black needs to continue to do his own insane mix of music and comedy because that is what the die-hard jack black fans love about him.