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Mastoplexy Breast Lift

Aging can be a hard thing for many people to go through. Besides being an admission of mortality, the changes in our body that result from aging thoroughly changes the way that we are perceived. Let’s face it – we live in a society that values youth and you don’t need studies to show that people who look great and young tend to have more opportunities in their personal and professional lives. While it sure is great to be young in this day and age, as we get older, the pressure to continue looking and living like a young person while dealing with the visible changes in our body can make many people feel inadequate and frustrated with a natural part of their loves. This is particularly true for women. Although that may sound like a cruel thing to say, it’s unrealistic to say that women are not judged by a much harsher beauty standard. After all, many women view older men to be charming and attractive, whereas the opposite is unfortunately often not true. For many women, the first signs of their body aging can be a distressing experience. While it is possible to maintain a healthy body by eating healthily and exercising regularly, there are many parts of their body that women are unable to change through good habits. One of these body parts are their breasts. As women get older, their skin becomes looser and less elastic thus resulting in the condition of ptosis. Ptosis is essentially the technical term for sagging breasts and can be caused for a number of reasons that are hard to control. In many cases, women who have been pregnant find that their skin has stretched and contributes to sagging. In other cases, women that have experienced a large amount of weight loss find that their breast skin has been stretched to the point where they have ptosis. For these women, it can be hard to adjust to this condition. After all, it really is frustrating when your old bathing suits just aren’t the right fit anymore and that clothes are harder to find.
Additionally, ptosis is often viewed as an early symptom of aging and women that have this are very self-conscious about how much this affects the way that others look at them, which more importantly impacts the way that they look at themselves. For that reason, more and more women are turning towards plastic surgery to enhance their bodies and reclaim their youthful bodies. Although there are a number of critics that argue that plastic surgery is frivolous, the numbers indicate that plastic surgery is an increasingly popular way for people to make the changes that they want to their physical appearance. While it can be scary to consider plastic surgery when you read about the Dangers of Plastic Surgery and see plastic surgery photos of bad plastic surgery and awful plastic surgery, the benefit of changing your body in a positive way and the subsequent confidence boost that it gives make plastic surgery an attractive option for many people. For women that have ptosis, the most popular plastic surgery treatment to rectify this is a mastoplexy breast lift.
The traditional method of breast lift surgery, mastoplexy breast lift is a plastic surgery treatment that involves the removal of excess breast skin and the tightening of the remaining skin that will push the patient’s breast to a higher position. It is generally considered a safe plastic surgery treatment that is a common celebrity plastic surgery treatment. In order to maintain a proportional look, mastoplexy breast lift surgery also involves moving the nipple to a higher position. In many instances, mastoxplexy breast lifts are performed in combination with breast augmentation surgery.

Mastoplexy Breast Lift Surgery

A mastoplexy breast lift is typically performed at either a hospital, a plastic surgeon’s office based facility, or an outpatient surgery center. The patient is given either a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic so that they won’t feel any pain. When performing mastoplexy breast lift surgery, the plastic surgeon may employ one of three surgical techniques that they will explain to you about during your consultations with them prior to the surgery. Known as the traditional surgical method of mastoplexy breast lift surgery is the concentric mastoplexy breast lift.
In this method, the plastic surgeon will make circular incisions around the patient’s aerola. From there, the plastic surgeon will slowly remove excess skin until they are happy that they have removed the proper amount. From there, the plastic surgeon will bring the nipple up to a higher place on the patient’s breast and then will suture up the tighter breast in place. However, the concentric mastoplexy breast lift method is typically used only in patients that have a flatter, rounder breast shape. Another popular surgical method is known as the vertical mastoplexy breast lift.
In this surgical method, the plastic surgeon will make a vertical incision that starts from the patient’s nipple to the crease that marks the area where the patient’s breast and their chest meet. Once the incision has been made, the plastic surgeon will then remove excess skin from the breast. After removing the proper amount of excess breast skin, the plastic surgeon will then add sutures to tighten up the bottom of the patient’s breast. The benefit of this is that it allows the plastic surgeon to avoid directly working around the patient’s nipple, thus reducing the amount of scarring involved. However, vertical mastoplexy breast lift surgery is only used for patients that have a mild state of ptosis. The most common method of mastoplexy breast lift surgery and the most invasive is the anchor mastoplexy breast lift.
In this technique, the plastic surgeon will make an anchor shaped incision that goes from the bottom of the patient’s breast up towards the nipple area. From there, the plastic surgeon will remove all of the skin within that anchor shape and then suture the remaining skin together. Although this technique involves the most permanent scarring, the anchor mastoplexy breast lift is suitable for patients that have large amounts of ptosis, who have larger breasts, or who want the maximum amount of lift in their breasts.