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Sizes and shape of breast implants

The human body is a funny thing – how can something that we can’t really control dictate our lives so much? Besides having to maintain our bodies to live a healthy life, the way that our bodies look have a big impact on the way that we are treated by others. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, the reality is that our appearances have a great impact on the way that others treat us. You don’t need academics running studies to realize that people that look great tend to have more success in their personal and professional lives than people who don’t. Complicating matters is the simple fact that people who tend to look great usually have more self-confidence. After all, if you like what you see in the mirror every morning, that extra boost in confidence can’t help but put a little bit more of a spring to your step. Conversely, individuals that don’t like the way that they look often find their self-confidence eroding. If you spend your time fixating on what you consider your flaws and being hyper conscious of these flaws when conversing with others, it can have a big impact on the way that you look. Many people can become aloof and start to become timid due to their obsession with the way that they look. For that reason, more and more people are turning to popular plastic surgery treatments like breast augmentation to obtain the body that they’ve always dreamed about. Plastic surgery has risen from a controversial industry to become a mainstream industry. While many people associate plastic surgery with celebrity plastic surgery treatments, the prices of plastic surgery have drastically reduced over the last decade. This combined with the increased safety standards that have been implemented to reduce the Dangers of Plastic Surgery have made the number of plastic surgery treatments performed in the country rise drastically. As the second most popular plastic surgery treatment, breast augmentation surgery is becoming increasingly common. While some people will be able to find breast augmentation before and after photos that can only be described as awful plastic surgery or plastic surgery gone wrong, statistics indicate that the number of bad plastic surgery treatments performed are drastically low. Still deciding on whether or not to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a major decision and may not be the right decision for everybody. The best way to get expert advice that is individualized for you is to obtain the services of a board certified plastic surgeon that is qualified in performing breast augmentation surgery. A qualified plastic surgeon will be able to answer all of your questions about breast augmentation and will help set up reasonable expectations. Their analysis of breast augmentation surgery will go a long way in helping you decide whether or not you are a good candidate for this popular procedure. Of course, it helps to go to a cosmetic surgeon with good knowledge about the different issues that you will encounter when undergoing breast augmentation surgery. That way you will be able to discuss in more thorough detail the details of your breast augmentation surgery. One of the biggest issues that you are going to have to address is the size and shape of your breast implant. That’s because they’re a number of different sizes and shapes of breast implants that you will have to choose from.

Size of your breast implant

When people think about breast augmentation, they think of garish examples of people that go from an A cup to a DD cup in breast size. Although a number of celebrity plastic surgery cases like Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith are renowned for their ample breast implants, for the most part breast augmentation can be much more subtle. Typically speaking, when people undergo breast augmentation surgery, they are actively seeking out proportion between their breasts and from their breasts to their body. Speaking to plastic surgeons that are highly qualified in performing breast augmentation treatments, they state that the most popular breast implant sizes are typically two cup sizes from their existing breast size. For example, breast augmentation patients that have a breast size of an A cup will get breast implants that will increase their breast size to a C cup. Following that example, patients that have B cup sized breasts will increase their breast size to either a C cup or a D cup. Although it is possible for patients to obtain a larger breast size with their breast implants, it is usually not recommended. That is because any breast size increase that exceeds two cup sizes can cause problems in a person’s proportion for their appearance. Additionally, getting breast implants that are too big can cause medical problems such as a sore back for patients that have a smaller body that may be unable to support the added weight from having breast implants that are too big.

Shape of breast implants

When deciding on the type of breast implants that you want to have inserted into your breasts during breast augmentation surgery, many people tend to think that the most important decision is the size of the implant. However, equally important is picking the shape of your breast implant. There are two main options when picking the shape of your breast implant: round breast implant or anatomical breast implant. By far the most popular shape for breast implants, the round breast implant has the most natural and feel of the two different breast implant shape. In addition to this, the round breast implant has the advantage of having less potential for something to go wrong with them. However, round breast implants have the disadvantage of offering less control over long-term fullness in the upper portion of the patient’s breasts. An anatomical breast implant is mainly used for breast augmentation patients that have had large parts of their breasts removed in prior surgeries and has the advantage of offering excellent support. Commonly referred to as the tear drop breast implant, the anatomical breast implant provides a contour that has the same natural shape of a breast. However, the anatomical breast implant uses a textured surface that connects it to breast tissue for its support. In cases where the anatomical breast implant rotates in the body, the upper portion of the anatomical breast implant can change positions in a strange way and can create some complications in your body.