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Maltese dogs

Maltese dogs are very small and do well in smaller houses. They still need plenty of exercise and love to go for walks. I wouldn’t recommend getting a maltese dog, or any dog for that matter, unless you have a lot of time to spend with the dog. Maltese dogs don’t like to sit around the house all day by themselves, so don’t get a maltese dog if you know you’ll rarely be around during the day. One advantage of maltese dogs is that they’re very small and well-behaved if you train them properly, so you don’t have to worry about what to do with them when you go on vacation. If you can find a place to stay that allows pets, you can take your maltese dog just about anywhere. Because miniature maltese dogs are so small, you can take them out in the car quite easily. Also, maltese dogs don’t shed and most people who are allergic to dogs are not allergic to maltese dogs. Maltese dogs are clean and friendly and are good with children. If you have very small children, you won’t have to worry about your maltese dog harming them, but you will need to watch your kids because a maltese dog is quite delicate and a child might hurt a maltese dog if they’re not gentle enough. Maltese dogs are often in dog shows and have long silky white coats. Many maltese dog owners cut their maltese dog’s hair short to keep it clean and just out of consideration for their dog. However, many maltese dog owners let their dog’s hair grow very long and spend hours brushing their maltese dog’s hair and tying little ribbons all over them. I had a maltese dog and I can assure you, she didn’t enjoy being brushed, ever. You’ll also need to watch your maltese dog around other dogs as maltese dogs tend to be fearless, even around much bigger dogs. If you pass a huge dog in the street with your maltese dog, your maltese will likely try to pick a fight with it.

Maltese Puppies

If you’re e looking for maltese puppies, you’ll need to contact a maltese breeder. Though you can find maltese puppies in pet stores sometimes. It’s pretty uncommon. The problem with buying maltese puppies at pet stores is that when people buy maltese puppies at pet stores, they’re usually just impulse buys, and the purchasers generally don’t know much about the breed to begin with. They may din after they buy a maltese puppy that a maltese puppy is not suited to their lifestyle or personality. This is unfortunate because it often results on the maltese puppy being neglected or given away after a short time. You’ll also want to do some research before buying a maltese puppy because maltese puppies are usually quite expensive, costing anywhere from one to two thousand dollars US.

Maltese Breeder

The best place to look for maltese puppies is at maltese breeders in your area. If there aren’t any maltese breeders in your area, you’ll have to go fetch your maltese puppy form the maltese breeder yourself or arrange for your maltese puppy to be shipped to your home. Maltese puppies, like most puppies, don’t enjoy flying, so avoid having your maltese puppy sent by plane if you can help it. If you’re having your maltese puppy shipped from maltese breeders outside the country, you’ll have to deal with getting your maltese puppies through customs and you may also have to pay import taxes on your maltese puppies. If you’re thinking of smuggling maltese puppies into the country to save you the trouble of taking maltese puppies through customs, it’s not worth it. Trust me.

Maltese Eye Stain

Maltese dogs often get maltese eye stains at the corners of their eyes. If you maltese dog has maltese eye stains and you’re worried about it, take your maltese dog to the vet and ask the vet if there’s anything you can do to prevent maltese eye stains. They might just tell you to clean the area around your maltese dog’s eyes or to cut away the hair with the maltese eye stain.

Maltese Dog Names

It’s easy to come up with maltese dog names. One of my favourite maltese dog names is Fluffy. Other great maltese dog names include, but are not limited to, major, Maggie, Mugsy, Harry, Tommy, Tony, Jessica, Happy, Sorry, Machete, Martini, and Matilda. It’s also important to choose maltese dog names that suit your maltese dog. It’s ok if you don’t name your maltese right away so that you can get to know its personality and choose a maltese dog name that suits it. I think it’s great when people give their maltese dogs people names, you’ve got to be careful when choosing maltese dog names. If you name your dog Megan, you run the risk of having a great girl called Megan break up with you because you always talk to her in a very condescending tone.

House Training Maltese Dogs

House training maltese dogs is easy if you’ve done it before. If you’re getting your maltese dog from a maltese dog breeder, the breeders often begin training the maltese dogs before they hand them over to you. Often, the dogs are only trained to use a wee mat and you have to do the rest of the house training yourself. House training maltese dogs is easier if you teach them in stages. You can begin house training your maltese dog by first teaching them to always go in the same general area in the house. Then you can keep reducing that area and slowly move it outside until they learn to ask when they need to go outside. IF you take the time to teach your maltese dog properly, you will have them house trained in no time.