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Italian Greyhounds

Italian greyhounds are a popular and trendy breed of dog. The appeal of the italian greyhound lies in its small size, thin figure, and delicate features. When competing in dog shows, italian greyhounds will appear in the toy dog category. The toy category is for dogs like italian greyhounds, which appear tiny and fragile and are not bred for any practical purposes. Rather, toy dogs, like italian greyhounds, are bred as lap dogs and show dogs and could not survive living outdoors. The italian greyhound is a miniature of the type of greyhound that competes in dog races. While italian greyhounds may not be as strong or as fast as regular greyhounds, they have retained the slim figure and features of the bigger breed. Unlike breeds such as the labrador, italian greyhounds are difficult to train and do not really make good family dogs. The fragile figure of the italian greyhound does not complement children’s roughhousing and italian greyhounds are much more difficult to house train than many other well-known family breeds.
Children are a concern especially around italian greyhound puppies, which when very young may fit into a single adult hand. The temperament of the italian greyhound has often been compared to that of a cat. While a large dog may not be the best companion for an italian greyhound because of their small size, cat and italian greyhounds often make very good friends. The first thing to remember about italian greyhound puppies is to always be aware of their size. Another concern about italian greyhound puppies must be to start training them early in life so they do not become spoiled. It has become common to see italian greyhounds in cities because they are indoor dogs and do not need the yard space of a labrador or shepherd. When seen outside, italian greyhounds are often the type of dog that gets toted around in purses or pushed in doggy strollers.
This type of behaviour between humans and their italian greyhounds emphasizes the trendy nature of the italian greyhound. The italian greyhound is a very stylish breed and many people seem to use italian greyhounds as accessories, like chihuahuas. The personality of the italian greyhound is driven by curiosity. Like cats, italian greyhounds like to sun bathe, climb on furniture, and sleep in their owners’ beds. Once again, when you own an italian greyhound it is very important to teach your italian greyhound the word no. You must also be careful that your italian greyhound does not become too possessive of you or your house. If you want three or more italian greyhounds, you must be careful that they do not develop a pack syndrome that leads them to gang up on each other. The temperament of the italian greyhound demands attention and you have to be careful when choosing an italian greyhound as the right breed for you. When you look at italian greyhound puppies, they are just so cute and tiny you might fall immediately in love with them. But you cannot just assume an italian greyhound is compatible with your household.
The italian greyhound puppies require you to check out every inch of danger in your house, like you would for a baby. Often italian greyhounds break their legs, as they have fragile bones but like to climb. Most italian greyhounds are affectionate and if you train your italian greyhound puppies properly, the italian greyhound can be a very rewarding breed in your household. After you have decided the italian greyhound is the right dog for you, the question becomes where to purchase one and what are italian greyhound prices. Depending on whether or not you want a show quality italian greyhound, italian greyhound prices range from about six hundred to twelve hundred US dollars. You may want to enter your italian greyhound in dog shows in the future, in which case you would want to choose from italian greyhound puppies that are show quality. If you are choosing show quality italian greyhound puppies, the prices will vary but will certainly be higher than those of italian greyhounds sold as companions. If you are looking for a companion, you may look to obtain your italian greyhound from an italian greyhound rescue. Rather than looking at italian greyhounds for sale for over six hundred dollars, you can look at an italian greyhound rescue for more affordable, still loving, italian greyhound puppies or adults. There is an italian greyhound rescue organization in the United States that tries to save and place italian greyhounds into good homes.
The benefit of getting your italian greyhound from an italian greyhound rescue is not just the price difference but knowing you saved your italian greyhound and gave him a new home. If you choose not to use the italian greyhound rescue, you will have to look for italian greyhounds for sale. Be careful that you go with a reputable italian greyhound breeder because italian greyhounds are a breed susceptible to inbreeding and you want your italian greyhound to be healthy and free of future genetic issues. When you see advertisements for italian greyhounds for sale, always check up on the breeder.
Try asking a national organization for italian greyhounds if the breeder who advertised italian greyhounds for sale is reputable. Once you have learned that the italian greyhounds for sale are healthy and come from a good line, you can choose one of the italian greyhound puppies and make him your own. Many italian greyhound owners across the country have discovered the joy of an italian greyhound. The italian greyhound is a unique and beautiful dog that may just provide the companionship you are looking for. As long as you are wary about unreputable breeders advertising italian greyhounds for sale, you should be able to choose out of a great selection of italian greyhound puppies. The italian greyhound may be a lifelong companion for you and your family as long as you take in all its special needs. Always remember that your italian greyhound needs lots of attention and to watch out for its tiny size and you and your italian greyhound will be very happy together.