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Irish Terrier

The irish terrier is an adorable dog with a red coat and a medium build. Some people might compare the irish terrier to the Airedale terrier because irish terriers are about the same height. The Airedale terrier and the irish terrier also have similar colour coats. In dog shows, irish terriers would be shown in the terrier category, though irish terriers are certainly bigger than the average terrier. Like many other terriers, irish terriers were originally bred to hunt vermin. This hunting characteristic of irish terriers might be a concern if you plan to have small pets around your irish terrier. While irish terriers may not get along well with other animals, your irish terrier should have no problem getting along with children, as irish terriers usually love children. Your irish terrier will probably be very active but irish terriers do also like to relax around the house. Because irish terriers are not small terriers, it is probably best to have a backyard for your irish terrier or be available to take him for walks. Like other terriers, irish terriers are hardy and have a fairly long lifespan. Your irish terrier has an average lifespan of fourteen years.
If you are looking for a fun, protective family dog an irish terrier could be perfect for you. Like many other kinds of terriers, irish terriers can make great watchdogs, as irish terriers are very protective of their families. The irish terrier has never been a very trendy type of terrier so your irish terrier will probably seem to be a very unique dog. The irish terrier is also a very handsome dog when given the proper irish terrier haircut. The proper irish terrier cut gives the terrier a bit of a beard and leaves the hair long on the irish terrier’s legs. The irish terrier may look like a farm dog or a mutt if not given the proper irish terrier cut. One thing to watch out for in irish terriers is kidney problems, as the irish terrier is prone to this type of health issue. When you are looking for irish terrier puppies, there are many things to consider.
Buying irish terrier puppies means considering the temperament, the health, and the purpose of your irish terrier. For example, if you want an irish terrier that can compete in dog shows, you should look at irish terrier puppies that are show quality. Non-show quality irish terrier puppies can still make great pets but will not win prizes. If you are looking for show quality irish terrier puppies, you should consult an irish terrier organization for a list of irish terrier breeders and irish terriers for sale. The list of irish terriers for sale will probably include irish terrier puppies and older irish terriers. If you are looking for an older irish terrier, research the people who list irish terriers for sale carefully so you do not get stuck with bad behaviour problems in your irish terrier. If you are set on irish terrier puppies, you probably do not want to answer irish terriers for sale ads in your local newspaper unless a reputable breeder advertises the irish terriers for sale. The irish terriers for sale that are not coming from a reputable breeder may be prone to inbreeding or chronic health problems.
After you have researched ads for irish terriers for sale and chosen your irish terrier breeder, you will want to go and meet the irish terrier puppies if you can. When looking at the irish terrier puppies, be sure to consider their size, temperament, and behaviour with the other irish terriers. If you have other pets in your home, make sure to choose one of the irish terrier puppies that get along well with the other puppies. Once you have selected from the irish terrier puppies you will have to start training your irish terrier. One thing to note about irish terrier puppies is that they are very smart but irish terrier puppies must be trained from a very young age or they will become disobedient adult irish terriers. Because of their breed, irish terriers who have not been trained when they were irish terrier puppies may become dominant and aggressive in the home. If you have decided the irish terrier is the breed for you and want purebred irish terrier puppies, you may want to look directly for irish terriers in ireland. If you want to eventually breed your show quality irish terrier, you should definitely look at irish terriers in ireland.
When other breeders are looking to introduce new irish terriers into their breeding line, they will often look for irish terriers in ireland and if your irish terrier came from ireland, he will be a more suitable new sire. When looking for irish terriers in ireland you will have to be much more careful about your irish terrier breeder because it will be quite difficult for international breeders to go look at irish terriers in ireland if they cannot afford the flight. The irish terriers in ireland have been bred there for generations and ireland is one of the most popular spots to own an irish terrier.
Many irish terrier owners love their irish terriers so much they want to celebrate their irish terrier through irish terrier paraphernalia, such as an icon irish terrier. On your computer you can get an icon irish terrier by searching for an icon irish terrier on a computer icon site. If you want an icon irish terrier, it is not hard to get but make sure you get your icon irish terrier from a reputable site that won’t give you viruses. An icon irish terrier can be a fun addition to your desktop or webpage. An icon irish terrier may just be an irish terrier graphic or an icon irish terrier could be a new icon for your mouse. Either way, an icon irish terrier is a great way to celebrate the irish terrier breed through new technology.