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English Setter

The english setter is a fairly large dog, with long soft wavy hair, often brown or white with different coloured speckling. Because they have such long hair, the english setter requires a lot of grooming. You’ll have to brush your english setter often to avoid their hair matting. English setters were originally bred as hunting dogs and are excellent athletes. Today they are still used by some hunters but are more often adopted by families as household pets. English setters are friendly dogs that love to be around people. Therefore an english setter is not the ideal breed for owners that are often away form home. Leaving your english setter at home by itself for too long can result in frustration and destructive behaviour on the part of you english setter. When you are home, be sure to give your english setter plenty of positive attention. Although english setters don’t tend to suffer from heritable diseases, they do have some hip and hearing problems as most breeds do when they’re old.

English Setter Rescue

If you’re thinking of getting an english setter, do some research first. Unfortunately many people end up abandoning their english setter shortly after adopting one because they didn’t do any research about the breed beforehand. It could be for a number of reasons; like they didn’t have a big enough home to house a full-grown dog, or their other pets didn’t get along with their english setter. If these abandoned dogs are lucky, to they may end up in the care of an english setter rescue organization. English setter rescue groups try find new homes for abandoned or lost English setters. If you’re looking for an english setter, why not adopt a needy english setter from an english setter rescue shelter. These english setter are as lovable as any other, so if you’re not set on getting a puppy, you can adopt an english setter instead.

English Setter Puppy

If you are set on getting an English setter puppy, you’ll likely have to go to a breeder because English setter puppies don’t tend to turn up at English setter rescue shelters as often as adults. Some people prefer an English setter puppy because they want to train their English setter themselves from an early age. It’s important to train your English setter puppy because if you allow them to do whatever they want when they’re young, it will be very difficult to teach them otherwise later on. For instance, if you let your English setter puppy jump up on you and sit on the couch during the day, they’ll continue that behaviour when they’re older and much bigger. Before you go out and buy an english setter puppy, make sure your home is puppy-safe. Puppies, like babies and any small animals, will try to chew on anything in sight, whether it’s cables or clothes or any small objects. Make sure that all these things are out of reach of your english setter. Crate training your english setter as a puppy can be a great help when your english setter’s all grown up. It’s usually best to just buy an oversized crate for your english setter puppy so that it’s big enough for them to use as an adult. If you don’t crate train your english setter, you should dedicate some other space in your home to your english setter. An english setter likes to have a place of their own to sleep and retire to if they need some time alone. Dogs usually like to have a crate to sleep in, as long as it’s big enough. You can also use your english setter’s crate or bed by sending your english setter there when they’ve been bad.

English Setter Breeder 

Finding a good breeder can be difficult, especially with the more common breeds because anyone and everyone suddenly thinks they know how to breed dogs and sees it as an easy way to make some money. Luckily, the english setter hasn’t become that wildly popular yet and most of the breeders have a genuine interest in the dogs. Even so, it’s still really important to shop around and check out a breeder before you buy english setter puppies from them. If you can find english setter breeders in your area, ask them if you can come by and see the dogs before you buy an english setter puppy. That way if they’re not treating the dogs well or if they have a seedy operation, you’ll know not to buy english setter puppies from them.

English Setter Dog

The english setter stands out among other dogs because of its graceful stance and elegant athletic build. English setter dogs love to play outside and have plenty of energy for running around as long as their owners will allow them. At the same time, english setter dogs can be very calm and affectionate and enjoy sitting on their owner’s lap or lounging around the house during the day. One of the most important things to an english setter dog’s health is that they get plenty of love and attention from their owners. If an english setter dog is deprived of human attention for too long they become lonely and this can lead to destructive behaviour.

Deafness in English Setter

Though english setters are generally healthy dogs, they do tend to have some hearing problems, especially in their old age. Deafness in english setters is not all that common but it occurs in english setter more than some other breeds because they have very light coats. English setters may be deaf in one or both ears and can generally function if they are deaf in only one ear. Deafness in english setters may or may not be hereditary, but in either case deaf english setters should not be used for breeding because this could increase the incidence of deafness in english setter puppies.