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CraftersCalculator features a unique PRODUCT PRICING FUNCTION which calculates the Suggested Wholesale & Retail Price, Break Even Amt., Profit margin and Gross Retail Profit for any craft item or manufactured product using a beta tested and approved formula. Takes the guesswork out of crafts and product pricing. 2 manipulative MEMORY screens, copy/printable RECORD screen, built in HELP screens include a detailed explaination of COST OF GOODS SOLD, detailed help in figucommunity OVERHEAD, how to calculate DEPRECIATION of your business assets, and a detailed explanation and listing of TAX DEDUCTIONS for your craft business, some of which you may not have thought of. These additions make CraftersCalculator much more than just a craft pricing calculator! It can help with your craft business accounting as well!. Also includes a NEW WINDOW function and a handy popup scrollable CALENDAR.

MADE in USA Products and Services Search Engine
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