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ZardozZ OpenRing News is one of the largest most active website communities on the RingSurf network. It is populated by blogs and websites focusing on, but not limited to, political, social and cultural opinion, humor, satire as well as personal observations on the maddening world around us! We openly welcome you to the ZZ OpenRing collective of public and private opinion! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ZZ and OpenRing / OpenWeb Staff • RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/zz

ZardozZ News and Satire
ZZ N&S publishes the latest political and cultural satire, sarcasm, odd news and socio-political cartoons harvested daily from around the blogosphere. Streaming satire and sarcastic commentary on the ...

Sarcasmo's Corner
The personal weblog of a happy malcontent (whose robot thinks you're hot).

multimedia, music, musings and magic from the mousepad of a progressive

The Irate Conservative
Current Events, strained through the eyes of an irate conservative.

Commentary and critique of the socio-political developments in an America governed by businessmen/women rather than by statesmen/women.

OpenWeb Downloads
OpenWeb Downloads offers leading Freeware, Shareware and Trialware to the blogging community.All Freeware is available for immediate digital download. Selections contain a variety of very useful software ...

My Boyfriend Is A Twat
Single mother coping with 3 kids, Belgium and a boyfriend who is a twat.

The Sykes Group's OnPoint
Leading provider of business, career, and motivation tips, techniques, and insights to help you achieve more in business and life.

Froggie's Lilypad
The daily ramblings of a "forever 29" year old girl who lives on a dormant volcano in the middle of the ocean.

American Woman in Angst
American woman trying to find her place in society.

a dive instructor in honduras

just alittle place on the internet to express my self and a site filled with poetry,funny pics,Quotes, and more

Ravings of a Bipolar Gothic Witch
The daily observations and commentary on our crazy world and my attempts as a bipolar gothic Mom to survive and thrive in it.

A little slice of unreality from Vermont.

SeniorGato's Froody Compendium of Games and Stuff
A blog which strives to be unbiased and fair while trying to bcommunity you all the cool stuff floating around on the web.

Warped Knowledge
The trials and tribulations of running The Warped Tour Parent's Guide... the trials and tribulations of parenting teens.

Corporate Crappola and Other Dubious Wisdom
The place where Corporate truths are told and Dubious hard earned Wisdom is shared

felix montgomery
Life and opinion, eclectic and different; true diversity. Come in and see what it is to be an unusual mind.

Demented Reality
The Chronicles Of The Twisted Imaginings And Idle Thoughts of Shahriman Latif

TheREALTYgram Blogger
News, articles, and essays about events and trends impacting the real estate market.

Caffeinated Ramblings of a Coffee Achiever
the caffeinated ramblings of a coffee achiever: brewed fresh daily.

Golfwidow's Ministry of Silly Walks
Attempting to maintain my sense of humor in a world fraught with chaos, tragedy, and bad grammar. And wishing I had a cigarette.

The Ugly American
My opinions on anything and everything.

Living in a Hooterville style of town has been one helluva new experience. I've traveled border to border and coast to coast yet have not ever run into a town like this one. Since its zip code is, E-I-E-I-O, ...

Daily Thoughts
A blog website offecommunity uplifting daily Christian thoughts and daily Bible Reading. Updated daily.

Eclectic mix of news and commentary on world politics, universal human rights, people, animals, medical, education, science, technology, ME/CFIDS, ideas and life in general.

Background Noise
Blog of a 22 year old student in the UK. Mostly contains my general observations on the world, along with other random stuff. How's that for a useful description.

Cybrville Freshwater Bass Fishing Blog
Cybrville Freshwater Bass Fishing Blog is your place for Fishing stories, pictures, techniques, tips, and other great fishing info. Cybrville Fishing Blog covers SmallMouth Bass and Largemouth Bass, Carp, ...

Oblivious Daze
blog about life, anime, strange news, flash games, Las Vegas, software, etc..

BFP Media Productions
Article Archive of previously published original articles in various electronic venues.

I Always Have Coffee When I Watch Radar
A blog on nothing in particular, just whatever I feel like throwing my 2 cents at.

The daily thoughts of an indiviual in many subject matters...life..love.. some politics...Pictures and poetry. Seeking what\'s next in life.