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A community for musicians with knitting and crochet blogs

miss ewe knits
My blog about knitting, stashing, not having enough time to knit, and whatever else I feel like ranting about.

Stcommunitys & Yarn
Jodie Danenberg on knitting, writing and playing violin in Eugene, OR.

Zarzuela Knits and Crochets
My blog about my knitting, crocheting, and anything else I want to rant about!

Opera Yarns
The life and times of an aspicommunity opera singer who happens to be obsessed with knitting.

A Bluestocking Knits
Musings about knitting, life, children, books.

Musings of a yarn hoarding oboist gone bad.

Sock it to me

dots and yarn
Music, Opera, Knitting, Food - the essentials as far as we are concerned. Shacommunity our experiences (trials and triumphs) with others makes them more memorable, enjoyable and real. We hope you join ...

DIY Style
A (mostly) knitting blog by a theory grad student at BGSU in Ohio.

Yarn Over

Yarn over Manhattan
I play the violin and I knit, but I haven't yet figured out how to do both at the same time...

Pleasure in Eastern Kentucky
This blog will most likely be about traditional music, spinning, knitting, my sweet horse, Kentucky, and being happy all the time.

Suzy Q Homemaker
Musings about music, babies, breastfeeding, knitting, and more.

A place where I talk about knitting and other things, but mostly knitting.

Sacha\'s Natin
A blog about many things, including knitting.

Crazy Cat Lady's Musings
Active music teacher who loves cats, singing and knits constantly!

Crafty Carole
Mostly about knitting but also about other crafts. Occasionally discussion of family life or music.

Knitting Musician
The site is devoted to my knitting projects, lessons I have learned along the way, and anything else that drops into my mind.

A pianist, knitter, and mom seeks yarn and enlightenment in Southern Ontario.

Folk Art Dilettante
creative compulsions from an unknown artist

My New Thing
A blog chronicling my crafting ADD... but not talking much about my operatic past.

Knitting, Singing, the Univers and All
Writing about being a working classical musician, fervid knitter, and domestic goddess in western Montana.

Crafty punx- knitting, crochet, sewing, re-constructing, anything DIY
I play bass, used to play drums, violin, alto saxaphone, a little piano and love music of all types. This site focuses on crafts of all types, drawing, painting, knitting, crochet, sewing, re-constructing, ...