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A unique community dedicated to the beauty and inspiration found within the darker aspects of Nature. I welcome sites that appreciate and celebrate topics including darkness, individuality, contemplation, night, silence, solitude, introspection, melancholy, the shadow, chaos, creativity, mystery, spirituality with depth, diversity, wisdom, self-expression, and all artistic endeavors. Your site does not need to be entirely focused on these ideas, but it should show definite consideration for some of the afore-mentioned topics. Above all, your site should be a representation of your own personal beliefs and perspectives. Sites that consist only of material copied out of books, magazines, or other webpages will not be accepted (especially if these sites do not properly cite their resources). While this community is geared towards Witches, Wiccans, and other followers of Neo-Paganism and Earth Religions; I will accept sites that show an appreciation of Nature, consideration of the concepts listed above, and that do not violate the rules for inclusion into the community by a person of any spiritual persuasion. I particularly welcome sites that illustrate their creator's thoughts via the visual arts, poetry, music, drama, dance, writing, or other art forms. You site does not need to be "Gothic" in nature to join, although I also welcome those that are.

Desiree's Musings:The Main Wing
A Sanctuary for Mystical Bohemians: featucommunity extensive essays on Neo-Pagan Witchcraft as a religion and spirituality, the sacred animal, faery, as well as poetry, quotes, and original artwork.

The Ecclasian Fellowship
The Ecclasian Fellowship is an eclectic Wiccan fellowship, which serves the pagan community in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. We are a member coven of the Covenant of the Goddess and act ...

Glimpses of God
Scriptural methods of Bible study illustrated via the old paths; the books opened, mysteries revealed, Kingdom living!