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Yellow Ribbon Support was started by Avionics Platoon in Jan.79 for support of everyone at Ft. Campbell, which then grew to include everyone in the military. It was added as a community online in 91 for support ducommunity the Gulf War. Tuesday September 11, 2001 Terrorists Attacked America, bcommunitying much pain, grief, tears and shock to all of us. We will not stand for violence, {;}we will not stand for terroristic attacks at the whims of others. {;}The Yellow Ribbon is a memorial to the victims, survivors, rescue workers and support for our armed services while they fight for our freedom{;}God Bless America & and our Armed Services. Show your support for those who serve and protect your freedoms everyday

The Jesus Taxi for Goose Creek, South Carolina
The Jesus Taxi is Cab service which is clean, comfortable, friendly and the driver is a Married Christian providing service for Goose Creek and surrounding area.

CDL Drivers, Truck Drivers, Commercial Drivers
The Online Truck Stop, CDL Drivers, Truck Drivers, Commercial Drivers, or anyone interested in the trucking industry can find companies hicommunity, or ride with a trucker to learn the experience. CDL ...

Eagle and Elephant
A blog on the happenings of things political, religious, or cultural, and soccer too.

Music for the Heart Official Site
Music for the Heart Official Site

Luke's Kawasaki Cycle
Luke's Kawasaki Cycle, your source for motorcycles in Summerville

Maid 4 Hire Enterprises & Noble Building Services Official Site
Maid 4 Hire Enterprises & Noble Building Services Official Site

H & W Archery
Archery Shop in Lancaster California. Sales and service of archery equipment. Leagues and tournaments. Target shooting

Adrienne's Place
My personal space on the web, all about me, my interests and hobbies.

History OIf The Ships Named Kearsarge
Four ships have had the name Kearsarge. Come pass through the pages of history... the history of the ships named Kearsarge.

A Tribute to Davy Jones & The Sixties
This is a musical tribute to the Sixties..a trip to the past and a reflection upon Vietnam, one veteran in particular and the times. A fun site, yet a serious site....by someone who has been there, done ...

Trucker Buddies
Trucker Buddy is a program which matches truck drivers to class rooms, it is designed to help the children, however it turns out to be very rewarding for the truck driver too

What Really Matters Now?
{;}Many of us are finding it difficult to move on after the horrific terror attacks of Black Tuesday. We feel overwhelmed and shocked. This is only natural. Find out what we can do to help.

Churches of America
Churches of America. Churches of America has everything for the Church, or anyone seeking information on Churches

Gateway To Friendship
Gateway To Friendship is a group of members from all over the world. We come together to show our fellow men and women support.

My Tribute Communitys
We will "not" forget.

9/11 Memorial
9/11 Memorial - come leave your prayers, thoughts, journal entry links and more in memory of the Attack on America and all those lost. There are links for people, and I seek to provide solace to those ...

Fire & Ice - Military & Diplomacy
A site where military affairs and diplomacy collide with the utmost respect for troops and the promising future of the next generation's diplomacy. Also the homepage for the We Remember Program which helps ...

HTxRose's Place
Military, God Bless Our Troops, Veterans Poetry, Romantic Poetry, Sensual Poetry, Friendship Poetry, and Inspirational Poetry.

Barenborg Chiropractic Center
Summerville Chiropractor

Heritage Holiness Church
Heritage Holiness Church in Ladson, SC

Yellow Ribbon Support
yellow ribbon support for military and their families

My Little Corner
This site is about Country, K9's, Equines.

Laura's Keepsake
My site consists of my favorite poetry, love of family, holidays, and inspiration, along with my causes.

9/11/01 - An American Tragedy
A Memorial Page in honor of those who lost their lives or their loved ones in the attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001, and in honor of the unbreakable American Spirit.

Links - USA and Canada Travel and Transportation Services
Links - USA and Canada Travel and Transportation Services

Mike's Web Site
Mike's Memorial to 9-11-01. Timeline of the day, information, photos, links, web-communitys, and more.

Utah State Information
Wonderful volunteer opportunities for Utah as well as the other awesome United States :) God Bless the USA!