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For people who are addicted to yarn and sincerely wish to stop the mad collecting and hoarding...seriously.

krazy kunt
i crochet, knit, lots of other crafts, whatever i feel like rambling on about

Sherry's World is a new blog that I created to keep in touch with a wonderful group of women knitters who participated in the Wool-Tyme Holland America knitting cruise. We bought beautiful yarn on the ...

knit fix

and knit your powers to the arms of peace.
Hi my name is Illanna and I am a yarnaholic ::sits down:: I have way too much yarn and I am in need of a support group. I am pretty sure that I acquired so much yarn by shopping online, finding good deals, ...

The Half-Assed Knitter
mostly knitting, occasional spinning, much bitching

My Knit Niche
Working my way through my stash, my mother's stash, my mother-in-law's stash and my grandmother's stash. We're talking generations of hoarding here people.

Dysfunktional Knitter
A blog about my love of knitting and obsession with yarn acquisition.

a place to share my love of knitting and yarn..my progress in learning to be a kinder, gentler knitter..my thoughts my projects...my ramblings..

Squirrel's Worlds
A craft blog with an emphasis on knitting & crochet.

Running out of closet space, time to do something about it.

yarn junkie
knitting blog

It's a Crochet Thing
Favorite past, present, and future crochet projects, links, shops, and more.

Majas Design
A blog with my hobby. Yarn and yarn. A lot more than I really need.

Im a happily single mother that loves,lives,likes to knit. Oh and I like grad school as well!

My persnickety addiction to knitting.

I ♥ Yarn-istry
I ♥ Yarn-istry

Yarns Yarns Yarns

Sheila's Shawls
This site is dedicated to the creating and making of shawls and scarves for the families who have lost a loved one to domestic violence or are a survivor of domestic violence.The group is named Sheila's ...

Kristina Wong's Site!
My site is me blabbing about working as a solo performer and knitter.

Rambling's of a Crafter
A blog were I ramble on about my crafts and my cat.

The Nocturnal Knit Witch
Knitting, dogs,scissors and haircolor = Fun!

knit wits

Yarns and Threads
An internet record of my craft activities - knitting, embroidery, crochet and whatever I manage to finish. I am hoping it will inspire me to finish some of my numerous works in progress

Creative Yarn Junkie
The blog of a teenage yarn addict. Frequently updated with yarn aquisition and finished projects.

A blog about knitting, crochet, and anything else that comes to mind.