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A community for X-Men fanfic writers and archives.

A personal archive of Lamashtar's comic book fanfiction and more, mostly starcommunity Cyclops of the X-men. Contains erotica and slash, both silly and serious. Original fantasy art backgrounds are slow ...

Multi-fic, but mostly X-Men orientated.

Wyze World
Wyzeguy's house of fanfiction, fandoms, musings, and other miscellany. A few X-Men stories here, along with other fandoms like Spider-Man, Batman, and Ninja Turtles.{;}

A Deadjournal for my fan-created X-men In training Ehren Onus Manus. AKA Chirophobia. Born with huge hands and no real feet, Ehren also has the ability to enduce chirophobia- the fear of hands, or Chiraptophobia ...

X-men Supreme
Home of the bi-weekly fanfiction series, X-men Supreme! Also known as Marvel Universe 1015. Written by Jack, a lifelong comic book fan and X-men fanatic. The series premise is the same as the comics. Professor ...