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Live in Wisconsin? Born and/or Raised in Wisconsin? Consider yourself Wisconsite? Write a blog? This community's for you?

Fearful Symmetries
Witness a machine turn coffee into pointless ramblings...

Madison Wisconsin weather
A discussion of the weather of south central Wisconsin and other areas from the position of a semi-expert. For those that are always interested in the weather.

Freedom Eden
Political and social commentary of a Blue state resident, in a Red state of mind.

Anno Domini
Reflections on politics, culture, law, philosophy, and theology from a decidedly Christian perspective.

The Bunny Barn
My little home on the net to discuss my passion for animals and my wife. Also discuss what ever I want

Ornamental Illness
Nightmares, dreams and the real life misadventures of a former UW art school graduate with no future, living in the Emerald City of Madison.

Jennlee's Whine and Cheez Party
Random rantings from a cheesehead.

Thought Bubbles
I have an opinion about everything and talk way too much about it. Well, only when school allows the time.

folkbum's rambles and rants
Jay Bullock's journal of politics, music, and education.

The New Vernacular
A discussion of politics, technology, and media with a dash of college life thrown in. The way things are, they way they should be, and how to get there.

the Fishmonger's Place
Just ramblings about what's on my mind: movies, books, micro brew beer,brewing, gardening and life.

Homemaker\'s Guide To The Galaxy
Every expert was once a beginner.

Got Mashed Potatoes
Answecommunity the never-ending question: Air conditioning or fresh air?

Milwaukee Social Worker
I am a social worker in the city of Milwaukee who is passionate about local, national, and global issues of social justie and equality. I hope to bcommunity a different perspective to the blog world and ...

Pass the Torch
Iím just a Wisconsin mom to two great kids ó 11-year-old Darla and 9-year-old Craig. Iíve also been a happy wife for 13 years. Pass the Torch is my day-to-day expression of how I go about the above ...

Irving Place
A virtual house for random thoughts, various dreams, and assorted ramblings.

The Wisconsin Candy Dish
A friendly place to dish about candy, sweets, or anything that strikes your fancy. From Madison, WI.

Compassionate Badger
REGIONALLY, this blog concentrates on Northern Thailand and Wisconsin. TOPICS blogged about include: ~ media ~ environmental awareness ~ community empowerment ~ sustainability & sufficiency ~ agriculture ~ ...

Wisconsin Mommy
A daily dose of life in the Midwest including the wacky antics of Little J, product reviews, and giveaways. Come check it out - there's room for everyone!

Thankfully Chewed Up and Spat Back Out
I am a former flatlander living in Dairyland, USA - I am also a survivor of domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and spousal sexual assault. My blog aims to show that not only can anyone be a victim ...

Bartering Basics & Living Life on Less
Learning to live life on less through bartering.