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The Wiccan Room is a community for sites which give information or which are about Wicca and/or Pagan related. I am hoping to link together, many sites so that travellers may stop by and find what they are looking for. There is so much mis-information about Wicca on the internet and so many people still think it is evil. Hopefully, this community can help to change people's views about our chosen way of life.

Magickalpair Realm~Wicca
A Solitary Wiccan website that offers truths and beliefs of the old religion . Magick, Book of Shadows, magickal charts, communitys, and other Pagan banner/links.{;}Beginners welcome!{;}

Jeanie & Als' Home page
Our home page with a link dedicated to JUST Pagan practices. A work of art in progress. All graphics are originals unless otherwise noted and a Book of Shadows is also in the works.

Pythia's wicca page
Within these pages you will find my personal h notes on different topics of witchcraft. I am not trying to change your beliefs. I am simply answecommunity my own questions and perhaps answecommunity yours ...

A dark sort of page with Wicca/Pagan info with spellbook, moon page containing moon facts & much more. Blessed be!

Silver Rains and Moondust Showers
Information on the Sabbats, various deities, lunar magick, oils, astrology, numerology, and more. Enter in light and love...

The Lost Garden
This is my personl site dedicated to what I love; knowlege. I have spent the last year learning about the Craft, and I want to share that knowlege with those who are also new to Wicca, or just want to ...

Teen Wiccan
Information on wicca for teens.

Magick Whispers
Whispers of a Solitary Witch shacommunity inspiration, information and the spirituality of Witchcraft... set amongst beautiful graphics and soothing music.

Minnevera's mystical world
This is a pagansite about witches, the wiccan rede and much more :)

My Castle Realm
As my homepage this site contains anything that interests me. Mostly pagan based with rituals, deities, meditations and a growing herbal.

Coven Of The Shaded Moon, In New Mexico
Coven Of The Shaded Moon is in New Mexico, We may except new member. We do hold some public rituals. The site has ALOT of info, realy nice looking with Lots of cool graphics. It is very easy to naviga ...

Witch of Goddess Selket
A site to promote a different view from a personal path of Witchcraft.. A site that was setup to help network Wiccans and other Traditional Witches in New Brunswick Canada.. My Home Page. :)

The Black Rose
A site for pagans and wiccans, including a store for paganmerchandise and clothing.

LittleOtter's Wiccan Webpage
This site has much information, spells, stories, pictures, and rituals.

For Love of The Goddess
We welcome all with good intentions to our site. We feature Sabbat and Esbat Rituals along with craft ideas and feast menus for each. We have blended several Paths so the beginner may find their own way. ...

Discover Magick: Learn, Create, Divine, Worship - It is my aim to educate and enlighten people about Wicca and the Occult.

Personal page about myself and idea. Was dedicated to me (my first web page by my ~Soul Sister, Storyteller) as a gift to me. I'm hoping to add to it, as I learn building pages.

Everything magical.

Sorceress Jade's
A place for young Wiccan/Pagans to go and have fun and discover the joy of MAGICK!

HallsOfAvalon.com is a wiccan/pagan resource page with an online book of shadows, message board, and auction. Stop by today to get your free daily horoscope.

The Wiccan Way
Dedicated to becoming an extensive resource for all Witches, Pagans and especially Wiccans. Includes information on spells, rituals, sabbats, esbats, shamanism, FAQ, angels, dragons, and much more!

Book of shadows
this site is dedicated to all who wish to see it. It has information on the History of Witchcraft, Runes, Shamanism, Spells, Magick, Astral Travel, Auras and much much more

moon shadow
pagan, wiccan, spells, rede, more

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

Aurora's Bezemsteel
A Dutch site about wicca. Especially for the beginning, solitaire wicca(n). It contains spells, formulas, recipes, my personal book of shadows and so much more! Come in and feel welcome!