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Community uniting the website and personal homepages of Welsh Terriers on the Web.

Hamish The Welshie
Zillions of cute pix and fun videos following the adventures of Hamish The Welshie.

The story of the Welsh Terriers of Hapitails.

Miller Bay, Home of Brecon
family home page

The Sad Story of our Welsh Terrier Tess
I created this web page to help make people aware that even though they think a Welshie is the cutest little dog they have ever seen, it has characteristics that should be considered before it is placed ...

My name is Domingo!
I'm 3 year's old welsh terrier and live in Nagoya,Japan. Many photos and humorous digital animations of my happy time.

Welsh-Terrier from the Goosegirl
This is the official Homepage of the "Welsh-Terrier Kennel from the Goosegirl" from Germany.{;}{;}Das ist die offizielle Homepage vom "Welsh-Terrierzwinger vom Gaenseliesel".

Klauzers-Welsh Terrier
Die Homepage für alle Terrierfreunde und die, die es werden wollen.

Presley the Dog
Dog or legend, you decide!{;}Come and join the "Friends of Presley", Doesn't your Welsh deserve immortalising on the Web?{;}The King is dead, long live the KIng!

Fancy Fannies
I specialize in making Britches for Bitches in Season along with other products that help keep Dog owners sane. Guaranteed to fit the smallest Chihuahua's fanny to the largest Old English Sheepdog's ...

Maximus Caesar: The Name Says it All
Watch little Max grow! Also, see how he spends his day with the MaxxieCam!

Hoover's Digs
Hoover, the welsh terrier has his own website. Earthdog trials, grooming, obedience, and more. Hoover really digs those rats!{;}

Scruffy's Page
Come meet scruffy the Welsh Terrier from Massachusetts

WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers are located in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Our website has more than 70 pages, including personal pages for the Welsh terriers we've owned or bred, pages of activities in which we ...

Flynn's Ruufing & Excavation
Welshie photos

Corky's Life
A look at my Welsh, his roots, life and big sister (Wheatie)

Scruffy's Page
Meet Scruffy the Welsh Terrier from Boston!

Bow-Wow: A Website For Dog Lovers
Informative website for people who love dogs.

Dreamspinner3's Homepage: Meet My Dogs
Meet my dogs Max, Kirby, & Cosmo.

The Welshie Wizard of Oz!
This is the story of Sir Harry, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz (also a Welsh Terrier).

Hi! My name is Mandy!
Hi! My name is Mandy and I am a great fan of the Green Bay Packers!

Banshie Kid's Homepage
West Texas Dog Family

Burtz welsh terrier
Stories, activities, photos etc. of a welshie in Italy

Cunnings Welsh terriers: American & English lines at Italy
Cunnings Welsh terriers: American & English lines at Italy. Our welsh terriers is integrated in our household— they go three time for daily walks at the off-leash garden, they are seldom crated, and ...