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I have linkware graphics, domestic abuse info, Orlando Florida info and dedication pages.{;}

~*~ By Angel Smile Net ~*~
{;}~*~By Angel Smile Net~*~ - is the inspicommunity site for people of different ages and cultures. {;}This is the starting point for several web realms created by me. {;}My Designs features my linkware ...

Domestic Violence
This is a very important page in a large site. This page lots of information on how to recognize domestic violence, and how to get help. How to locate organizations. How families and friends can help. ...

Michele's Personal Place
This is my personal site. I offer poetry, random thoughts, and introduce you to my wonderful family and friends. Stop by anytime--all are welcome.{;}

Pam's Enchanted Garden
A site to support a worthy cause or two, find out if you are a victim of domestic violence and how to live/leave safely. Find a support group or community to join, or simply browse the garden and get ...

The Earth Angel Connection
Personal web site with information about energy healing, abuse issues, 9/11 memorial pages, inspirational poetry written by me and others.

Christine & Family's Homepage
My site is dedicated to my children and to victims of domestic abuse.

Mothers Of Survivors

midnite passions room
about my abusive life and how i survived domestic violence, help links for those being abused, poetry, my childrens pictures, graphics

Lady Wolfes Dreams
My site contains things that I love, such as Wolves, Indians, Poetry, and Inspirations as well as an on-going personal fight to regain who I am due to the abuse that I have suffered in my lifetime. I ...

Come In and Soak Awhile
A site full of encouragement, hope, fun & support for believers, for single moms, for anyone needing some encouragement or hope, for those who have experienced divorce, rejection, abuse, healing, restoration, ...

Lynda's Story
The website is my story of a DV survivor combined with a mother's nightmare that I went through with the judicial system. My hope is to shed light on a national problem, and I hope to be one of the pieces ...

Enchanted Land of CyberSpace
{;}My site is about my family and friends, I do write poetry and have a survivor page up, and I offer help to those in need. There is some graphics that you can take too.

Sabrina's Little Corner of NC
Come and meet my friends and family.

Other Realms
Where the Ordinary exists as the Extraordinary. A place for fun and place for poetry. A place where hearts meet and friendship begins.

My Lords Room
A Place where you can share your thoughts about the Lord, Come and Dine At His Table.... {;}Love and prayers,skinny

One Voice Of Many
A site dedicated to my six grandchildren who were abused. It speaks out agianst domestic vilence and child abuse. Through our familes struggle with abuse and our healing,others learn they are not alone ...

Stop The Silence on Sexaul Abuse
My site is for Survivor's of sexual abuse .Please join me on Stoping the Silence

Jax's Domestic Violence Page
My page for shacommunity my experiences, helpful URLs, and offecommunity support, in an attempt to do my part to help stop this horrid epidemic!

My Haven
My peaceful haven on the web....

Stop The Abuse
Find Out How Domestic Violence Effects Us And What We Can Do To Help Ourselves And Others {;}

Hurts To Be Beautiful
It is all about tattooing that I have done and that I have.

Angelic's Abuse Survivors Page
A webpage dedicated to Abuse Survivors. Contains many links and resources.

Double Rainbows
I have lyrics to love songs, heartfelt songs, Disney songs, Christmas songs, Religious songs, rainbow songs and poems, angel songs and poems. My adopted pow/MIA

Peace Manor
I have an inspiration page which includes poems and support. Just click on the "inspiration" button. Also, on other pages photos of my collections - Barbie, Boyds Bears, Breyer Model Horses, TY, Pooh, ...

In Silence They Stay
A site dedicated and for the abused wife/girlfriend. You'll find understanding, my story of abuse, poetry, and links to hotlines and helpful sites.

Inner Sanctum
This is a personal webpage for the Deacon of Christ Charismatic Liturgical Church. There's alot of goofing off, and a few serious pages. So if you want to know a few things about Jesus and His church, ...

Wendy's Memorial Pages
Memorial pages that depict the life and death of our only daughter, Wendy, age 19. Although she had problems as we all do, she was date-raped in college and after one year took her own life. I have stories, ...

A Journey With Maya
My site is an eclectic one of my many interests. I have pages on domestic violence, child abuse, a page for kids whom are being abused, resources for workers and others who deal with these issues, a memorial ...

Domestic violence, My Story
It was very hard to sit and type (My Story) I stayed for 9.5 years. My hopes for doing this is that someone will realize that they don't have to be abused in any way. I have some help links on the page ...

Debi's Playground
Debi's Playground is my little corner of the internet. I am an abuse survivor, and I believe all women, men, and children should be protected against the terrorism of domestic violence.

Stop Abuse 2
Quitforgood.net and stopabuse2 were created to help each other.

Cherokee Lady
Child abuse page and links, domestic violence page and links, my beliefs

Protect our Roses Stop Domestic Violence
Having been there myself this site offers words of encouragemnt and help. I have tried to bcommunity across the need for all to make a stand to help.

Judy's communitys Page
This is the communitys page for the main site which contains Christian poetry, short stories, words of encouragement, a site called healing touch for situations of abuse, recipes, and more.

The Loving An Alcoholic Group
Our group was created for people who love an alcoholic. Here you will find a place for support and friendship in dealing with the alcoholic in your life. It can be your spouse, significant other, brother, ...

Aphrodite Wounded
Rape in relationships is very common. Although there is a popular belief, that rape by a husband or boyfriend is not real rape, and does not do harm, victims suffer sometimes more prolonged effects than ...

On Broken Wings
all lifes experiences and more in a blog

Kristi Ann's Haven
Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone! Holy Bible based on God's Living Word! KristiAnn is aka lilPrincess, and I am severely disabled due because I was beated from my Ex. I am not married anymore! ...

MPD/DID A Legitimate Diagnosis
Explocommunity the reality of MPD/DID and how trauma, child and domestic abuse can cause many mental, physical and emotional issues in children.

Stop Domestic Violence
This site is dedicated to a wonderful woman who lost her life to domestic violence. It is a help site for people in violent or dangerous relationships.

Stop Domestic Violence
This site is dedicated to a wonderful woman who lost her life to domestic violence. It is a help site for people in violent or dangerous relationships.

Lili Tuwai PhD
Website of writer & poet Lili Tuwai. Tuwai's poem 'Read My Lips' highlights the ugliness of verbal abuse.

Save An Angel Project
A personal site with stories of struggles, successes, and constant battle to live a happy life. A website yet a personal journal that others can add and read and maybe become stronger and know that challenges ...

Netcafe Radio
Netcafe Radio is Internet Radio At Its Best... Classic sounds from all eras. Live DJs from 6pm UK Time... Playing Your Music From The 50s To Present Day. Community Forum included, lots of information spanning ...

Free 4 All graphics and graphic links Forum, including everything PSP, snags, tags, animations, backgrounds and much much more all 100% Free!

A Circle of Light
Psychic Rev. Cassandra, who channels 3 angels, donates a portion of her income to Domestic Violence. Her mother and sister are survivors of DV.

Stop the Violence!
about me, angels, authors, awards, blogs, book reviews, books, cats, Christmas, diabetes, Disneyland, domestic abuse, God bless the USA, greeting cards, library, missing children, movies, music, pets, ...

My thoughts will involve woman's issuessuch as self-esteem, relationships, body-image, confidence, abuse and how to overcome the emotional ups and downs that women face today. I will share my own experiences ...