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WolfGirl's Den
My love of the Wolf, my furbaby Lobo, and my love of Crocheting.

Shades Of Memories
A personal site concerning Bipolar information, and also my personal interest in Wolves and animal protectors. Environmental issues. Poetry and childhood bipolar disorder.

Selkywolf's Den
Enter my den to discover the plight of Brother Wolf and what we ALL must do to save this magnificent creature. Native American myth, legend & lore; many wolf & Native Am links.

Love - Wolf
A page for the Third Stone in Southern Path from Spirit Keeper to Creator: Gift of Love, Totem animal is Wolf. Information about Brother Wolf, and links to information. Also plant and mineral totems for ...

Ladywolf3787's Page
alot of different points of interest including wolves, lighthouses, fantasy, Native Americans and some poetry

GentleWind's Den
My site hasn't been added to for a while now, but I plan on filling it with our wolfdogs information, poetry, stories, organization links for wolfdogs & wolves

World of Wolfspirit
ome on a mystical journey to The World of Wolfspirit. {;} Light your candle and follow me.....{;}Look over there are some mystical journeys where you can {;}visit Atlantis, Lemuria, or even go on a true ...

Wonderful Wolff Web
This is a site dedicated to the wonderful wolf! We have a lot to see so please step in and enjoy!{;}The site is both in Swedish and in English!

Hiya all,{;} Tis BoUnCing Wolf. I'm getting our brand new site up and running.{;} Tis a family site for all to visit.

Granny Wolf's
granny wolf's leaf pile...come join the fun..

Brooke's Wolf Den
My site has everything! TONS of Pictures, message boards, surveys, polls, LOADS of wolf information, Wolf News, Wolf Totems, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Wolves Of Mystery
I have in here poems that I have collected over some time now, and a few stories that I'm still adding on. My name is N,tanis *Entance* and I'm only 15 but my love for wolves is pure. I have yet to experince ...

He_Wolf's Lair
Asite where wolves are welcome and cherished.

Rob Gray Wolf's Den
Wolf pics

The Den of Spirit & Chief
Our site is about wolves, wildlife preservation, family, friends and many other interesting details.{;}


Blazez Crib
a site decated to what i love

The White Wolf's Den
Come and see my love for my spirit animal The White Wolf.

Whiteolf's World
I have loved wolves my entire life and I dedicated my site to wolves, but there are also a lot of other topics on this site that aren't considered popular topics of discussion. This site is fairly new ...

Cry of the Wolf
show your love for the wolf

Song of the Wolf
Pages are devoted to the Native Legends of the wolf and to the Esquimaux dog.

GraWolfe's Den
A pleasant journey of sight and sound centered around the wolf with a touch of activism for flavor. {;}Shacommunity kinship and friendship with Wolf and any others who happen to drop in. Family/KidSa ...

Crow Visions
A page of my people "The Crow"

What is a Wolf
My site will tell you all sort of things about wolfs. In hope to educate people on them so as to help them understand wolf just a little better. :-) I hope that you will stop in and check out my infomation ...

Elspethe's Enchanted Garden
My site has two pages on wolves, AmerIndian teachings on nature and wolves.