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Have a little fun with your spirit. The Virtual Church of Benevolent Deities (VirtuBene, or VC-BDI) expresses the incorporation of peace, kindness, love, compassion, laughter, satire, joy and wisdom - in all of their manifestations. Benevolent Deities are the only ones we welcome, and their incorporation is apt. The ambivalent feelings that we have toward corporations captures the best and the worst of some of our feelings and beliefs about deities, churches, and power structures in general. This collection of web sites tends to allow for a little breath of distance (and even humor) within our basic respect for ourselves and our religions, histories, cultures, philosophies, spiritualities, literatures, and sciences. Post-babyboomers may most easily grasp the paradox of the earnest/ironic tone of the virtual church. No offense to anyone's religious beliefs or to any belief-system, whether organized or chaotic, is intended. You don't have to use the image if you don't want to - minimizing the code for use on blogs is fine as long as the title and navigation links are intact so it passes the communitysurf check. Contact me if you need help modifying the code.

Virtual Church of Benevolent Deities Inc.
Home of the Virtual Church of Benevolent Dieties, now open for connecting nodes in the larger spiritual, joyful, satirical, compassionate communities of the web. Join the VC, and receive one share of ...

The award-winning personal homepage of Darrell Grizzle, a large but friendly Grateful Bear. Explorations in Creation Spirituality, poetry, healing, nonviolent activism, interfaith dialogue, and more. ...

Cult of the Pink Grapefruit
The Cult of The Pink Grapefruit does not exist.

Elainna's New Place
A colourful, eccentric, passionate & eclectic site featucommunity original stories, my spiritual quest, perspective on religion, the environment and a rather pretentious book.

Gog and Magog
If you want to see God's glory, burn your weapons.