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Do you have a Valentine's Day page or website?? Is your page about your Sweetheart, Love or Romance?? Then this is the community you want to be in - come on and join!! All of the sites in this community, are about Love or Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day
A variety of information suitable for all age groups.

Insane Faery's Holiday pages
My holiday celebrations!

Happy Valentine's Day
My site is dedicated to my dear hubby of 31 years and to all young lovers out there. Please visit!

Marvelicious Valentines
Marvelicious Valentines has poetry, links, history, trivia and all of the traditional valentine information all in a victorian flare.

Adrienne's Valentine's Day Page
My Valentine's Day page has graphics, pets, music, awards and communitys for Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day Page - Quest45's
My Valentine's Day Page.

Star*Dreamer's Valentine
My Cupids are waiting to sprinkle the magic of love on you! A Family Friendly site with lovely graphics, poems, quotes, stories, songs and lots more.

Valentines is for Lovers of Any Age
Two pages for Valentines, one is poetry,{;}the second one is links to other pages in my website with love poetry. Applets and midi music to enjoy.{;}

Celebrating St. Valentine's Day in Chetski's World
When one has once fully entered the realm of love, the world -no matter how imperfect- becomes rich and beautiful, it consists soley of opportunities for love

Valentine's Day Funology
Valentine's Day resources including crafts, activities, recipes, e-cards, computer enhancements, history and related facts. All major and many minor holidays included. Non-holiday pages to follow.{; ...

Debbies' Valentine Wishes
I have collected some great Valentine graphics, backgrounds{;}and midis to help decorate your own valentine site. You can apply for my Award. And visit my adopted cuties.

Boo Bears Valentine
A valentine dedication to my husband, poems, crafts, recipes...and much more

My Little World On The Web
This section of my site deals with all Valentine's and Love. It contains, poems, writings, kids jokes, midis, graphics, etc all Valentine related.

Valentine Greetings From Fairy Hollow
My Valentine Site has information on the History of Valentines Day, Romantic Dinners for two, Love Spells,Cookie Recipies, Valentine Adoptions, and more!

Daria's Valenitine's Day Page
Come visit the Valentine's Day page of a personal site that offers graphics, pictures, my favorite things, scientific information and much more!

KittyKapers Valentine
Come and celebrate this beautiful holiday with me. Visit soon....I love company!

Valentine's Day
Lots of valentine's Day Information

Dana's Valentines Day Links
If you looking for Valentines crafts link, projects, supplies, clipart, graphics, printable stationary, or kids crafts? Visit my Valentines craft links courtesy of craftsnscraps.com.

Happy Valentine's Day
My site is dedicated to celebrating Valentine's Day. I have love songs, recipe's,,poems,,and a new section with Globes and Framed Art I created with PSP/Blade Pro,,,come and visit,,love to see you.

LadyLisa's Valentine Page
My Valentine Page has poems, graphics, links to fun Valentine sites, and quilt squares for you! Drop by and say hi!

Roses & Romance
A romantic site with romantic poems, music, movies, and more

Happy Valentine's Day @ Country Holidayland
Consisting of the Happy Valentine's Day celebration, including history, love quiz for fun, "I love you" in various foreign languages, and poems.

Maiden Fair's Valentine Celebration
This is my celebration of my favorite holiday, Valentine's Day. Here you will find poetry, romantic ideas and fun including a Valentine Maze.

Valentine"s Day at Kathy's Korner
Valentine fun at the Korner. Crafts, recipes and links.

Christine O'Keeffe's St. Valentine's Page
Valentine's day history, customs, legends, recipes, links, flower meanings, and free electronic greeting cards.