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Who Can Join? For urbanites only who have merged off the freeway of life onto a more sustainable, simple & self reliant path. The community’s mission is to bring together city folks, new urban homesteaders who are taking steps to live a more self sufficient life in regards to their food, energy, water, waste, transportation, lifestyle and more. Community Guidelines Definition of "Urban": less than or no more than 1/2 acre to 3/4 acre. Urban Homesteading Lifestyle: Doing more with less, growing a sizeable % (at least 50 percent) own produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs), raising citified animals (at least chickens, rabbits), composting, vermicomposting producing own alternative energy, alternative heating, using alternative transportation, back to basics skills (food preservation, soapmaking, sewing, breadmaking, etc), simple living, power down, unplugged lifestyle, homegrown diet, operating a viable home based business, home-unschooling, energy and waters conservation practices, greywater and rainwater practices and more! Being the change we wish to see by living the solution on a daily basis.

Little Homestead in the City
Largest and most comprehensive site on urban homesteading. Since the mid 1980's the Dervaes family has transformed their urban into an integral urban homestead. These eco pioneers are the force behind ...

A place to write my thoughts. I support a green planet, I unschool my 3 children and love to garden. I'm a compost junky and recycle just about anything and everything! We have rabbits, chickens and a ...

The quinceurbanhomestead
This is the story of our urban family as we try to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We are turning our urban plot into a sustainable venture that will provide us with food, nourishment, and many adventures ...

Ivywood Cottage, Garden and Mini Farm
The joy of life is in the journey and we have decided to journey down the path less traveled. Join us as we embark on a new path in our lives striving to live a sustainable life here in our little shire ...

Dolce Verde
Urban Homestead in historic Central Phoenix, AZ

Rachel's Tiny Farm
My steps towards growing most of my own produce, raising chickens and generally becoming more self-sufficient on a small lot (1/5 acre) in central Phoenix.

My journey in living through more simpler means, a lifestyle more frugal yet more fulfilling and learning how to use sustainable organic and fairtrade products as an alternative to disposables.

The Purloined Letter
Working--very slowly sometimes--toward homesteader status, but thinking about it and writing about it a lot...

Bad Human! Don't take chemicals from strangers.
A journal of J. and I's attempt to live a simpler, greener life.

Kicking and Screamin
Balancing the desire to kick and scream for change with the need to be gentle on my family and those around me. A slow but steady transformation to a more simple, sustainable, sane life.

A Posse ad Esse
We are a "normal" family living on 1/4 acre in suburban Utah. Our daily goals are to raise our three boys in a clean and healthy environment, to live a simpler life and provide more for ourselves. ...

Rambling Woolysheep
Random Ramblings of my Addled Mind. I am new to this whole gardening, chicken raising, urban homesteading idea. Follow along as I navigate this new way of life and coax my family along. You will see ...

Beyond The Lawn
One Family's Quest To Reinvent The Urban Front Yard

Gourmet Gardens at Em's Place
Em's place is an account of urban living in Oklahoma City. It is my thoughts around gardens, homelife and ramblings as I move along a path of deliberate choices with my daughter and friends. Stop in anytime! ...

An Urban Plot
AN URBAN PLOT or how to grow food and change the world one city lot at a time. Chronicles one gardener's quest to produce organic food for her family, the adventures of a new way of thinking about lawns ...

The Sustainable Backyard
The Sustainable Backyard is a chronicle of one smalltown family's quest toward a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

My Earth Garden
Acres away from ordinary.

UrbanHippie Farm
Our family's journey toward urban homesteading and sustainability.

Anarchy In The AK
A southern girl trying to re-learn sustainable urban homesteading methods as applied to an Alaskan climate.

A Satisfying Journey Towards Simplicity
This blog records our family's journey as we: move towards living a sustainable, natural and simple lifestyle. We live on a 1/4 acre section and unschool.

My attempt to walk away from the lure of consumer goods in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Come with me as I navigate this world through environmental conservation, discovecommunity nature, ...

a little red
Join one mama, clothed in crimson, as she wanders through a life of homeschooling, urban homesteading, and making art out of everyday.

Rambling Woolysheep
Random ramblings of my addled mind. My interests are varied and include urban homesteading, Slow Food, SCA, arts, crafts, reading,and whatever else pops into my head at any moment. You never know for ...

This Girls (green) Life
The beginnings of a new way of life for my family by using mostly free and salvaged materials. I am SAHP of 3 children , 2 homeschooled. As a matter of neccessity, I have always lived a simple life from ...

Empress of Dirt
Creating an organic eating and perennial garden on a small lot on the edge of a Canadian small town with a small budget and a big love of nature. Also includes garden art trash to treasure creations to ...

Georgia Street Community Garden
A single man and his family decide to clear four lots in Detroit and single-handedly grow a garden for their community. The blog was started by a woman residing in the suburbs with ancestral ties to Detroit. ...