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This community is for any site that has science fiction, fantasy, horror, or gothic content. Weather it be for books, movies, tv series or something you made up, all are welcomed.

Dweomercraeft Fantasy Art Gallery
a gallery of original artwork by{;}fantasy artist Calvin W. Camp

Battlestar Olympus
Homepage of the Battlestar Olympus, Colonial Defense Forces. The CDF is a fan based Battlestar Galactica fan club with chapters all round the world.

What A Long Strange Trip This Will Be
Introduction to the Worlds Apart series of funny, wild, brilliant, action-packed, libertarian-flavored, anti-political sci fi books. Featucommunity Queequeg, the cynical talking cat!

Creative Brother's Scifi Column
Original scifi, fantasy and horror stories by Creative Brother aka Scifimoor aka Cecil with African American themes that can be understood by all.

Decidedly silly site dedicated to all manner of culty stuff, especially Doctor Who.

Klingon Gateway
Through these Portals, the Universe is yours, if the Flames of Kronos course through your veins. Show your Klingon Heart!

Sandra Ulbrich-Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer
Includes a description of a fantasy trilogy I'm working on. Also includes "Lennon's Line," a SF saga involving cloning, time/space travel, alternate universes, John Lennon, and his descendants.

Heroes and Legends
This site is a fantasy serial novel written and illustrated by Mike Monroe. A new installment is added each business day.

Rie Writes
Website of Fantasy and Science Fiction novelist Rie Sheridan

Avatar Heaven
Avatar Heaven offers avatars for EZboard posters. We will host avatars for those who can't find what they want.

Before The Storm
Join me in the Dragon Pub and listen to my story. Have snack with one of the other fellows who are eager to show you their arts.{;}And if you feel comfortable with me and my friends, let us hear some of ...

Sentinels of Darkness
Site offecommunity a first look at 'Sentinels of Darkness', Manos Kalaitzakis's spirited tribute to all things vampiric.

EOTU Ezine
Webzine of fiction, art and poetry of all genres, including science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Land Of Madness
The 3d art fantasy trilogy of Land Of Madness. The Axerontas Place, The Mountain Of Mandess and The Land Of Madness.

Rygel Wolfe's Expanding Universe
I originally created this site to help me with my sci-fi collection cataloging. Most pages now contain links to what I consider to be some of the best sources of information for sci-fi and fantasy television ...

The Dark Side
A site for fans of Star Wars, specifically the Empire and the Sith; which includes a forum, a history of the Empire and the Sith, including luminaries like Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, relevant links, ...

A short film about an unusual exorcism. Produced by Kingston Movie Makers (kmm), written and directed by Louise Cochran, an amateur film and video club. our main movie production of 2001.

Stormpoint is a website and writing board dedicated to fantasy writing and evolving out of Rhydin's role-playing and free-form gaming structure. Writings and characters from the magical to the mundane ...

Fanfic, art and other goodies, mainly pertaining to Star Trek's Q and the Swamp Thing TV series' Dr. Arcane. Oh, and expect a [beep] of a lot of elves.

Maaginen's Keep in the Sythian Forrest
Enter the Sythian Forrest and see what lurks.

Maryannes Star Trek and Doctor Who Download Page
Lots of Star Trek and Doctor Who stuff for download. Includes themes, screen savers, games and more.

Lynx Art Gallery
I'm an artist/illustrator specializing in Fantasy artwork. My art does NOT contain pornography so it's accessable to all.

The Twins' Web Site
Contains info and fanfic for Highlander and Poltergeist the Legacy. Also houses fanfic for Kindred, Friends, Invisible man, Buffy, Champions, Sentinel, New Professionals, Charmed and StarWars TPM.

Leaving Reality
This site is a great way to escape from the often annoying real world and enter the fantasy we all have. Movies, books, anime and more!

Lady K'Lyssia's Realms of Imagination
The site of an aspicommunity SF/Fantasy Writer.