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A community devoted to TRS-80 and Tandy computers.

Tim Mann's TRS-80 Pages
In a previous life I was an operating system programmer for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I and Model III. More recently, in a fit of nostalgia, I've gotten interested in TRS-80 Model I/III/4 emulators. ...

Painted Stuff Online
My site about....stuff.

Trs-80 Main page in The Netherlands
Trs-80 Model I still alive. Transfer your DSDD model I floppies directly on a PC and use a DSDD emulator. DD and SD dsk-files too. NEWDOS/80{;}

AW Software Trs-80 Land
Classic TRS-80 Software

International TRS-80 Support
Description and download for German files to emulate a German TRS-80 Model III with David Keil's emulator. Description and download for International keyboard driver for David Keil's emulator.

Video Genie System
A tribute to my first computer, the Video Genie System. Info about compatibility with the TRS-80.

Bob Klahn's web home.
My personal web site covecommunity things of interest to me. Mostly family, old computers, politics, international news and broadcasts, interracial relations, and things I can't even remember.

Model 4 IDE Hard Disk Interface
Schematic and driver software for an IDE Hard Disk Interface for the TRS-80 Model 4.

Mike's vintage PC collection
This site contains pictures and information about some of the old PC's in my collection from the first 'laptop' to the 80186 powered Tandy's.

Roland's TRS-80 Pages
My TRS-80 history and CP/M Utilities for xtrs (TRS-80 emulator)

8bit-Micro.com - Online Vintage Computer Magazine
8BIT-MICRO is a website devoted to the legacy of the early personal computers. The TRS-80 (Tandy), Mattel Aquarius, and other 8bit and yes 16 bits machines built ducommunity the late 70 to mid 80's. ...

The main TRS-80 page in The Netherlands
TRS-80 Model I still alive. Transfer your DSDD model I floppies to any PC using a DSDD emulator NEWDOS/80 emulator.