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A community of knitters partial to bargain hunting, sales snooping, and being resourceful.

pink knits
A place to ramble on about my knitting, spacommunity my family maybe a little from heacommunity every detail.

Krazi Knitter's Place
Just a SAHM of 3 with 33 cats, 4 roosters, 1 dog and a Great Hubby trying to save her sanity through knitting!

Plain Jane Knits Up A Storm
While growing up, I used to HATE the term "Plain Jane", but when it comes to knitting & crocheting, I've realized that I really *am* a Plain Jane in that I don't use fancy yarns.

L.A. knitter with free pattern links, photos of my dog Princess, and lots more!

Rose-Kim Knits
A blog about my knitting, life and other stuff.

All Things Heather
The day to day ramblings of a craft-a-holic stay at home mom.

Yarns N Threads
My day to day adventures in knitting, crocheting, handspinning and other fibers arts

Little Knittin Kitten
The blog of a sex kitten/domestic goddess. My mama trained me in the fine occupation of bargain hunting and it has served me well in my craft-ish persuits.

Liberty's Yarn

The Bookish Girl
A blog about knittin', readin', listenin', watchin', doin', and just a gettin' it!

Tweezle's Explorations
Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, gardening, family, cooking, reading... OOOOH, so many fantastic things to do, and such a small amount of time to do it all in! My life seems to go in cycles like the seasons ...

Knit Won Purl, too
Random neural ficommunitys on knitting, spinning, bargains and life.

The Knitpicker
A knitting and crochet journal.

NeedleWerks....Knitting & Kneedless Knowledge Always looking for bargain knitting supplies!

Granny Square Woman
My personal knitting/crocheting blog. I love thrifting & recycling yarn.

A Baby, A Preschooler, and Knitting, Oh MY!
A brief glimpse into the life of a SAHM of two who prefers knitting over housework.

A "young" nana deals with illness thru knitting, sewing, and living a life that is high quality and low cost!

Almost daily updates on knitting progress. Always a thrift knitter. Attempting to manage yarn stash.

Sistahcraft is a portal for the exchange of techniques, knowledge, humor, politics, and other interested related primarily to knitting. Inclusive for people of color, but not limited to race, gender, ...

What's Cluttecommunity my Couch
Knitting and crocheting my way to nirvana one tangled mess at a time.

Katie's Knit Knat
A little blog about knitting and my everyday life as a wife& mother of 2 pre-schoolers

Elizzabetty Knits
A blog about knitting and a little bit about life. I love seeking out bargains and sales, and take pride in being able to find yarn to knit items for 50% off retail--or more!

My site is mostly about Knitting.. Knitting and Knitting :)

A Blog Reborne
My knitting foilbles... is that a word? Foilble? You know foiled? Fulled? Felled? No wait. That's trees. Felled trees. Ok. I knit. I read. I homeschool! I mother. And sometimes I foil..... :o)