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This Community is created to help America remember their forgotten Fathers,Brothers,Sons,Mothers and Daugthers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.{;}Please join us. Please NOTE: Do NOT apply if your site contains Porn or other sexually explicit contents. If you decide to apply and I discover indecent material YOU WILL BE REPORTED. Take your smut somewhere else.

Big Lou's Freedom Now Home Page
A Site Dedicated To The Abandoned POW/MIAs Of All Wars.

SSgt. Burt C. Small Jr.
A constantly updated site dedicated to SSgt. Burt C. Small Jr. and the search to find the truth about what happened to him.

God Bless Our Vietnam Veterans
A tribute and a meager attempt to give Vietnam Veterans the heroes' welcome they deserved over 30 years ago.

Grief Denied A Vietnam Widow's Story
Pauline Laurent, a Vietnam widow, reconciles her husband's death in the Vietnam war 25 years later. Her memoir, Grief Denied A Vietnam Widow's Story tells the painful story of love lost, unresolved grief ...

It should not be in vain.
{;}A tribute to the American military.

Various photos pages of my travels and my family...pages dedicated to 9-11-01 and to our POW/MIA's.

In Memory of Operation Restore Hope
A tribute to the fallen soldiers from Operation Restore Hope.

Medal of Honor
Spc.Donald Evans.Medal of Honor winner.

Heroes from Operation Restore Hope

Father Capodanno
Father Vincent Robert Capodanno.He gave his all,so that others may go on.

The Drifter One Proud Marine
Marines, Family, Literature Dedicated to America and Her Service Men and Women, and To All Our POW'S/MIA'S

Active, Veterans, and POW/MIA of America's Armed Forces
This is a website to honor those on active duty, who are veterans, or who are POW/MIA's

KIA or MIA ~Where is Michael Scott Speicher?
Where is Navy Lt.Cmdr.Michael Scott Speicher?

My American Heroes
A Loving Tribute to WO Wade L. Ellen, US Army, Vietnam, POW/MIA Links, Remembrance to USS Cole, Poems

Donald J. Trampski MIA Sept. 16, 1969
This site contains information and a photo of my adopted POW/MIA from the Vietnam War. I also have photos from my visit to the Moving Wall last year. And many links. Also a list of books I recomment reading ...

In Honor Of Michigan POW/MIAs
Information and links about Michigan POW-MIA soldiers including my adopted POW-MIA, Louis Buckley, Jr.

Major Michael O'Donnell
Tribute to my POW/MIA Hero Major Michael O'Donnell

Captain Frank Ralston
Tribute to my POW/MIA Hero Captain Frank Ralston USAF

Stick's Place The 2/12 USMC Network
Home to Echo Battery 2/12 and the home of the 2/12 USMC Network and about Stick's 20 year military career in the Marines and the Army ASA and INTEL field

The Shape of My Heart
This site is dedicated to the memory of all those who did not come home. In particular Major Francis E. Visconti and his Crew.

A Tribute: Let Us Remember & Be Grateful
Pages on my family genealogy site dedicted to POW-MIAs, veterans, and those still serving.

Veterans of the PhuLam Signal Facility
Site consists of Phulams history, key events, our POW/MIA, Others We Remember, KIA, and much more.

Terri's Life on the Web
My POW/MIA is Robert D. Edgar from Florida. Please come visit my site and learn about Mr. Edgar. While you're there, come on in and see the rest of the site.

Wolfhounds Bravo 2/27
This site is dedicated to those who served with Bravo 2/27, and all who served in Vietnam. This page has various information, several links to other sites, POW-Mia page. This site is also to help veterans ...

Rodney Griffin MIA
Rodney Griffin,U.S.Army,MIA/POW in Cambodia 1970. Rodney is from my home town in Missouri.What happened to Rodney,he just vanished from where his{;}Huey went down in Cambodia.