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The Fantasy Community is a for Fantasy sites of all kinds, be it Dragons, Faeries or virtual kingdoms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://fantasy-community.50webs.com - before applying to join this community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This community is under new management as of August 3rd 2004

Behold - The Gallery
Horror and Fantasy image gallery - like no other.

Aeon Dreams
The high fantasy artwork of Heidi Hardmeier, featucommunity her numerous art galleries, a personal biography, easy to follow tutorials and more. Step into the realm where dreams speak with the voices of ...

The Fantasy Community
The Official Fantasy Community Homepage. The Fantasy Community is a for Fantasy sites of all kinds, be it Dragons, Faeries or virtual kingdoms. All are welcome to apply, all I ask is that your site be ...

Katarina's Page O' Wenches and Stuff
Chock full o' goodness! My anthropomorphic art, TaleSpin and WoW fanart, online portfolio, commission info, and more!

An Enchanted World
A place to get comfy while you read some old tales (Brothers Grimm, Norse Mythology, Gargoyles, real-life legendary women Iceni Queen Boadicea and Mata Hari, etc.), then perhaps visit my other pages and ...

The Criterion Mud
Home of the Criterion mud, a multimedia mud.

Hidden River Holt: communitys
RP by email ElfQuest based Holt. All characters are new (no book chars), we have adoptable characters and more! Elves, Trolls and Preservers as well as Humans.

Celeste's Dungeon
Cool site with a lot of dragons. Site has dragon graphics, dragon links, dragon chatroom, and even some dragon poetry. Pages have cool backgrounds.

The Fantasy Land of Onrey
My little Realm of fantasy- one magical place in the big universe of internet!

Aerie d'Aryssalis
The Aerie's a personal site dedicated to a dabbling gryphon's artwork and her explorations in writing fiction.

Zoethout's page
If you want a charactersheet based on ADnD 2nd edition players option or some charactersheets, lots of pix or play an online game come to this site

Welcome to a world of darkness and light, of honor and deception, of magic and lore . . . where thieves plot in shadow, gypsies dance in firelight, rangers vow justice, fae shimmer with mischief, and missionaries ...

Keene Kreations
This is a graphic site and has a small but growing section of fantasy graphics. Snowglobes, websets and OE stationery

The Pit of Dragonwright
This is a site for dragonlovers, and newly added, other fantasy creatures. Full of pictures, info and quizzes!

Daoine Sidhe
Heroic-Fantasy wallpapers, desktop themes and screensavers.

The Western Kingdoms
The Western Kingdoms is a fantasy campaign world that was started by the Glory Days Gaming Group back in the mid 1980's. I'm glad to say that we are still active to some extent and this is my modest ...

Adopt A Demon
Imagine owning your own pet from the nether regions of Purgatory. Have a heart - Adopt A Demon today!

Dragons & Dreams
A Fantasy and Mythical Search Engine - Where Dragons Soar And Dreams Come True.

Eos Nyx
Eos Nyx - which means roughly “Dawn of Night” - is an original pbem rpg that centers around the turmoil created when the King of the Fey is deposed by his political rival, who believes that it is time ...

Lost Realms - Top Ranking List
A gathecommunity of sites that cover our favourite things. Come with us - escape reality for a while.

Upon Dragons Wings
All things Dragon!

The Vale Of Myst
A site dedicated to the 'Weefolke', Magikal & Mystikal creatures, 'Arthurian' Legend & folklore, LOTR, my love of the renaissance, and all things 'celtic'

Amazing Wolves
A large collection of Wolf images. This site will hopefully grow with the addition of all kinds of wolfish content.

Whispecommunity Willows
Whispecommunity Willows is a mystical land where magic lives. It lives among the fae in the Glenn, amidst the creatures of the meadows, valleys and mountains. The magic of the Willows can be felt throughout ...

QuickCreations Desktop Themes
Original 3D artwork available to download as desktop themes and wallpapers.