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fatfighterblogs.com is a daily blog supporting people losing weight & getting in shape by providing tons of resources like the latest health news, tips, challenges, contests, motivational quotes and more. Are you a fat fighter? Join this community & join the weight loss directory at fatfighterblogs.com/directory.

Wakela Runen's World
My personal journey through weight loss, health issues, and life.

Life's Journey
New Yorker on my way to a healthier lifestyle. This blog tracks this progress as well as life's happenings.

Prepacommunity for Lift off
A personal account of my fight to be healthy and accept my body at any size.

Less Todd
This is the journey of a preacher and a drummer as I lose 100 pounds in a year!

Healthy Tastes Good
Site that offers healthy, low-calorie recipes that are easy to make. Incluides health and nutrition related news, along with tips to make foods healthier.

The Incredible Shrinking Whimsigal
A Chronicle of my journey to lose weight while still eating delicious food.

The ultimate fury of my dieting struggles.
I'm 22 years old and very overweight. I am on a mission be become healthier.

A Group weight loss support blog, members post and support eachother throughout their weight loss journey, offer encouragement, support and tips. Users can also post recipes to the recipe section.

Jast Say No!
My blog about my journal to a better BMI, and saying no to TimTams!

Size 8 or Bust
Thoughts on my journey to fit into a size 8, and regain control over my body & eating habits.

reneegetsfit.com - a weight loss blog
Once again documenting my journey losing 50lbs. This time for 2006. Oy!

No-nonsense factual weight loss tips. Get the skills you need.

fatfighterblogs.com | Featucommunity health, fitness & weight loss bloggers
Home page for The Fat Fighters! community.

Chunkie Munkie
A weight loss blog to keep track of my progress and journey.

I NEED to loose weight!
My vegan attempt to shed 10 kilos before the summer starts!

Blissful Loser
My 100+ pound journey to a new me. And surviving the process

Square One
I'm not a natural runner. But I'm not letting that put me off.

Do you have that in my size???
I'm just your average, everyday, divorced 38 year old girl -- overweight, tragically unhip, and trying to make a life for myself. I live with two furry beasts, Dave and Abby, whose feline mission in life ...

Dieting is an evil word
Kiwi girl attempting to live life while losing weight at the same time.

Shelley's incoherent ramblings....
Hi y'all....come join me on my lifetime struggle of losing and gaining...and figucommunity out how to be fit and healthy, with a little bit of life and joy thrown in there for spice.

Fat Bitches Rule!!

Stumbling To Bethlehem
Low-carb diet information, plus my own journey from obese to fit on the Atkins diet. Also a little about God & the bocommunity drama that is my daily life, and gratuitous cat pictures.

From Fat to Fab, Floating Princess Style
The chronicle of my journey to conquer the fat, once and for all!

Heavy purcommunity
Blog about the mindless ranting from a mid30s Melbourne chick on a weight loss journey. So far, 20kgs lost and counting :)

My jeans too tight to mention
25 year old wife and stay-at-home mother of twins chronicles the ups and down, rises and falls of weight loss while still having a slice of LIFE on the side. Hmmmm, what will be my new "drug of choice ...