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This Blog Community is for Tatters Who Blog. This tatted community will make it easier to navigate and promote each others sites. Another wonderful way for us tatters to link with one another.

Home of LadyShuttleMaker.Etsy.Com. A blog about my Ceramic Tatting Shuttles, all my tatting endeavors, adventures, creations, patterns and maybe more.

Laura's Tatting Muse
This blog is dedicated to one of my main obsessions - TATTING! There simply aren't enough hours in the day. I love to tat, promote tatting and teach tatting to anyone who will listen.

Lace-lovin' Librarian
Thoughts on the pleasure I get from making lace... knitted, crocheted, tatted, sewn... and the joy of reading!

Tatting and not a lot else
A blog which is just about tatting - with a shuttle.

Yarnplayer's Tatting
Tatted jewelry experiments using my own original patterns and design ideas.

Threads From a Tatting Goddess
A journal of my adventures in tatting lace, with tips, tricks and inspiration.

Tat's a kool challenge
My 25 Motif Challenge, to tat 25 animals in a year, plus other tatting too of course!

Tatman's Chatline
chats about tatting, bobbin lace, gardening, and other hobbies as well as my travels across the USA

I post regularly on my blog, mainly tatted flowers or tatted related items. Very occassionally show cakes that I have made and even they may be decorated with tatted flowers!

...a little blog about lace.

Arlene tats
Examples of my tatting and sometimes knitting.

Wicked Tats

Martha's Tatting Blog
Tatting pieces I am designing, 25 Motif Challenge


My hubby calls my newest hobby 'tattecommunity': " Are you tattecommunity again, honey?" And the little basket of REAL knots and communitys/chains that didn't work is filling up with 'tatters', so maybe ...

Bonnie's Tatting Blog
I am new to tatting and hoping by having a blog it will help me to be able to join the tatting community.

25 Motif Challenge
Central site to check up on all the new tatting being done for the 25 Motif Challenge. Look for regular posts on the new laces being made and the new tatters being created.

tatting pattern a day calendar
This is an online collaboration of tatters shacommunity a new pattern every day in 2007.

snowy's tatting
showing my various attempts in the world of shuttle lace

A site dedicated to tatting and meeting other tatters - 25 motif challenges, other projects, and BJ's Boo Boo's (so new tatters can know boo boo's are experienced by everyone!)

Tatting Treasures from Trash
This site shows how creative people take worn out jeans and turn them into something beautiful by covecommunity them with tatting.

Sharon's Tatted Lace
Talk about tatting, tatters and everything related to them. My personal blog for things that I create, my design ideas, and a place for odd bits of information about the 25 Motif Challenge, the Tatting ...

Kazzie's Tatting
My personal tatting journal, including pictures and patterns.

Tatted Community of Bloggers HQ
This is the home page for Tatters who Blog.

Icelas Fish Bowl of Tatting
A place where old meets new innovative ideas in tatting. You never know what the shuttle will produce

The Mad Tatter
All about my tatting adventures

Elizabeth's Tatted Lace
Elizabeth's tatted lace jewelry.

Esta es la pagina oficial del Proyecto Frivoliteando en espanol. La misma es una copia de la pagina en ingles Tat-Aong.

Crafting with Jullie Teo
I enjoy crafting very much... I craft with yarns & threads...

I'm a bear designer but I continue to make tatting.It's my favorite hobby after the teddy bear designing

This is my blog in Spanish. Mi blog en Espaņol.

My blogg is about tatting and the things I make.

Singtatter's Corner
A showcase of some of my craft works, mainly but not limited to tatting, and hopefully, my childrens' too.

Bridge City Tatting
Tatting in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, also known as the Bridge City.

Tat's All She Wrote
It's all about tatting -- unless I have something to say about crocheting or knitting.