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This community is for anyone who has a webpage with information on synesthesia.  (The page must have more than just links.  Thanks!)

Synaesthesis Livejournal Community
This website is actually a livejournal community made up of synaesthetes and people who are interested in the phenomenon of synaesthesis.

This page is about my experiences with synaesethesia.

Mixed Signals - interactive synesthesia
Housed here is information on synesthesia, news and event info., The Nexus message board, an event calendar, syn surveys, research info., other resources, the syn community homepage, and my different types ...

Sarah's Synaesthesia Site
Learn all about the colouful neurological condition known as "synaesthesia".

Description of page author's synesthesia, general information about synesthesia, links to other syn articles & sites, & book recommendations.

A little page focusing on general synesthesia and the experiences of the webmistress...

My Homepage -- egotism Incarnate (Synesthesia)
The music paintings of a newly discovered synesthete.

German Synaesthesieforum
Hello, {;}There is a new forum for synesthetes online. It is created by synesthetes. We hope to get many visitors and wish you all good discussions and a lot of fun. {;}{;}Visit our gallery!{;}{;}{;}We ...

Scandinavian discussion forum and information about synaesthesia.

I'm a trans-sensual. My synesthesia is a lucky crossover of senses. I see colors in letters, numbers and time. My world is a beautiful kaleidoscope where the black and white of every printed page, and ...

Synaesthesia and Education
I am a graduate student at the University of Cambridge investigating the effects of synaesthesia on learning in children - in particular the effects of grapheme-colour synaesthesia on numerical proces ...

The Synesthesia of Brendan Nee
A site showing my sythesthetic alphabet, and a brief description of synesthesia and how it affects me.

My synesthetic symbols and sounds
I have always been scared to discuss my synesthesia, for fear of what people would think of me! But other synesthetes have given me courage and I hope to do the same here.

Synesthesia Resources

GoGo Graphics
My site has drawings, sketches, pictures

The german language forum for synaesthetes and all people interested in synaesthesia.

Asmodis Synaesthetic Gallery
A gallery of pictures with synaesthetic visualisations additional to my offical homepage (which contains a large chapter about synaesthesia). The site uses german language.

Dr. Hugo Heyrman & Synesthesia
Synesthesia portal. Research and theory on synesthesia, art and the future of the senses. Homepage of the Belgian Synesthesia Association.

Color-graphem synesthesia voting page!
What color is letter 'A' in your mind? And what about 'K'? Add your synesthetic alphabet here - you can vote what color is each letter and number in your mind and see what many other people voted for!

Sinestesie Virtuali
Il faro online per tutti i sinesteti italiani.

sinestesia - italia
This is a new social network for italian synaesthetes.

Letter to colour synesthesia research
It's a site with information on my research. I'm looking for synesthetes to participate in it. If you are experiencing letter to colour synnesthesia, please take part.