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A community for sites that cover the amazing world of the Paranormal. We are looking for sites that contain information, images, evp's, investigation reports and such on the Paranormal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://spookspotters.com/spotterscommunity/ - before applying to join. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Paranormal Storm
Deep from the darkness they come. A raging storm of paranormal energy. What do they want, what do they seek? Join us as we explore the unknown. Donít miss our true ghost stories, ghostly images or our ...

Paranormal Storm - Top Ranking List
A collection of some of the nets best Paranormal sites. If youíre looking for information, images or facts on Paranormal activity why not start here. Site submissions are always welcome.

Spook Spotters
Huge selection of Ghost Cams to chose from, submit a cam capture if you spot your own spook. Ghost investigation information and facts about ghosts and the unknown. Feel free to your own ghost stories ...

The Ghost Tracker
A compendium of webcams, resources and links for the armchair ghosthunter.

Amazing Anomalies
Hunting for Ghosts? Searching for a haunting experience? Something strange and bizarre perhaps?

Haunted Missouri Paranormal Studies
Haunted Missouri Paranormal Studies is dedicated to the research and documentation of paranormal events. We do not charge for our services. Our site features true stories, case studies, fiction, and ...

Highlands Paranormal
New group in New Jersey, joining the study of EVP, Spirite Photography and ITC.

Hunting Ghosts
A community for sites that cover Paranormal Investigations and all forms of ghostly happenings. We are looking for sites that delve and explore the world of the Paranormal, all things spooky and unexp ...

Spook Spotters Top Ranking List
A gathecommunity of some of the best Paranormal Investigation teams and individuals on the net. Come and explore the sites or find the help you need with those unquiet spirits.

Spotting Spooks Community Home Page
The home page of this community.

Bedlam Library
An ever-growing collection of true stories about ufo’s, ghosts, hauntings and the Paranormal.

Ghost Hunters
The home of the Ghost Hunters Community - the first online community of its kind on the World Wide Web. Here you will find information about the community's rules, requirements and aims, plus briefings ...

Lowcountry Paranormal Investigators
We are people of all ages who enjoy paranormal investigating in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and also the Gettysburg, PA area and surrounding Civil War battlefields.

The Amateur Ghost Hunters Society
Dedicated to the investigation and honest documentation of the paranormal. Founded in 1995 by several individuals wishing to assist others in the search for proof or "disproof" of hauntings of private ...

South Eastern Paranormal Investigation and Research
Female owned and operated paranormal investigation and research website, dealing with spirit photography, evps, orbs and the study of ghosts, apparitions and phantasms. Carla Klosowski-Salter has over ...

Baltimore Paranormal Investigators
BPI is a team, dedicated to the scientific investigation and research of the paranormal. BPI investigates alleged "Haunted" locations, using various scientific equipment, in an attempt to verify, explain, ...

R.I.P. " Researchers & Investigators of the Paranormal. "
A team of people that is fasicinated by the Paranormal. Thus is motivated to learn more about the Paranormal. R.I.P. " Researchers & Investigators of the Paranormal " taking it to the next level to search ...

Staten Island Paranormal Society
We are Staten Island Paranormal Society, a Paranormal Investigative group based out of Staten Island, NY. We investigate homes and businesses. Check out our website for places we have investigated and ...

North America Ghost Hunters
North America Ghost Hunters is located in the West Virginia. We concern ourselves with Paranormal or Supernatural activities. We thrive to give our clients the best and foremost professional standards ...

Supernatural Earth
A forum to talk about or tell us your stories about ghosts, U.F.O's, strange but true, living wonders, freaks of nature and any other paranormal events, happenings. New members welcome.

Eidolic Paranormal Research Association
Located in southeastern Mass, EPRA is making the best out of haunted places throughout New England to prove ghost exsist and show and explain phenomenons we encounter...

The Virginia Infantry Ghost Hunters
Confederate Reeanctors in their spare time search Battlefields and private cemeteries for both the Civil War and private spirits in the form of Ectoplasm and Orbs.

Para-Forum Top 100
A top site list just for Paranormal Forums.

South Eastern CT Paranormal Society
Investigators based in Norwich,CT. evps,forums

Central Ohio Ghost Squad - COGS
We are a Paranormal Investigations Team Headquartered in Lancaster, Ohio. think you May have a Haunting? Call or Email our Case Managers!